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Year 6 English

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cansu Thu 28-Aug-14 15:45:28

After teaching KS3 English for several years I am now starting a post where I will be teaching KS2. I would like to set up some regular routines and independent activities that the children do every day. Can anyone give me some ideas of what works well with this age group?

Thatssofunny Thu 28-Aug-14 21:56:30

What kind of "independent activities" do you mean? Doesn't that depend on what you are teaching and what the related activity for your different groups might be?
Mine do guided reading and SPaG every day. What they have to do for that depends on their group...and on whether they are the "independent" group that day. In the morning, they might do handwriting, spelling, creative writing, grammar or anything else.
In terms of routines, they write the date and LO at the beginning of the lesson and underline both.

We use Talk for Writing and do lots of writing development activities, analysis of writer's language, effect on the reader etc. It's adapted to fit better with UKS2, so we don't spend days learning and practising the same text.

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