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Best gift to buy for a NQT?

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AhoyMcCoy Thu 28-Aug-14 15:40:16

Just that really! My friend is starting a new job teaching year 4 - her first ever job as a teacher and she's worked really hard to get here. I'd like to get her something special/useful - what useful things would you like someone to buy you?

Panzee Thu 28-Aug-14 15:43:09

Ooh I have loads of ideas!

A nice pencil case with lovely stationery. Blue tack and a nit comb grin. Insulated mug if she drinks tea/coffee, with nice tea bags. Hand cream. A big cardi to have at school. A pretty lanyard for her ID. Chocolate, tissues and wine for the hard times!

ImBrian Thu 28-Aug-14 15:46:49

Those stamps you can use for marking (if they're allowed to use them).

CatKisser Thu 28-Aug-14 15:46:53

Ooh nice idea!
We bought our student an NQT survival pack at the end of her placement. It had:
A sports whistle
A mug
A tube of berrocca
A mini thermos
Some fancy stationery - a nice fountain pen I think
And a job - we ended up employing her grin

Coolas Thu 28-Aug-14 15:47:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

somewheresomehow Thu 28-Aug-14 15:50:16

Smiley stickers
laminating pouches
hand gel stuff
coloured pens
yes my dd was an nqt grin

Cherrypi Thu 28-Aug-14 15:52:49

Wine, more wine, St John's wort, lavender oil, thermos mug, echinachea. So glad I'm not teaching this year.

trinity0097 Thu 28-Aug-14 19:47:53

Chocolate a week into term!

AhoyMcCoy Thu 28-Aug-14 22:42:23

Thanks so much all flowers

Got a group of friends together and we are going to take her for a meal with some prosecco next Thursday after her first day and give her a bag full of lots of the lovely gifts you suggested!

FabulousFudge Fri 29-Aug-14 00:16:31

Throat sweets, personalised stamper, notepad, stickers, emergency chocolate...

FabulousFudge Fri 29-Aug-14 00:17:08

Hot choc sachets

rollonthesummer Fri 29-Aug-14 00:29:25

I remember being totally shattered after my first day teaching and would have hated going out for dinner- I think I fell asleep at eight o'clock! Maybe take her out on the Friday!!?

petalpower Fri 29-Aug-14 07:36:57

Yes - agree with rollonthesummer - Friday night would be better. She needs to be back in school on top form on Friday morning so might enjoy the prosecco more on the Friday night!

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