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Performance management/appraisal & long term absence

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HenriettaTurkey Thu 28-Aug-14 15:22:56

Can anyone help? My performance management targets were set last October-ish. They were to be checked by the head and confirmed, and although I never actually signed them, or had final confirmation they were assumed to be finalised around November. I had a lovely classroom obs around that time. I began work on pm targets, but obviously didn't do loads: it was early days.

I went off long term sick in January, returning briefly in June, but sadly then had to go off before the end of term with pregnancy related issues.

Performance management meetings are going on at the beginning of term, and I am still off with pregnancy - which is horrible.

Put to one side the horrible guilt I feel about having been absent so long, when I was working, in the autumn/beginning of spring, my performance was good. Where do I stand re: pm assessment?

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