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Coach hire quotation - is this a reasonable price?

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Happy36 Thu 21-Aug-14 13:48:36

We´re coming over for a trip with 28 students and 2 staff. We want to hire a private coach with a driver to take us from Heathrow to Oxford and then back 4 days later.

We´ve been quoted 850 pounds.

Would you say that is a reasonable price?

(We have contacted some other companies but still waiting to receive their quotes).


Maidupmum Thu 21-Aug-14 17:44:45

Nope, I think that's £££.

Happy36 Thu 21-Aug-14 18:38:32

Thanks Maidupmum.

Had two more quotes come in for 690 and 590 respectively. These are more what we were expecting!

Has anyone used Cheney Coaches or Tappins Coaches (both based in or near to Oxfordshire) before? Or can recommend any other reliable, reasonably priced private coaches (with driver) for a school trip, please?

FunkyZebraHat Thu 28-Aug-14 16:46:54

I've never used Tappins for anything other than going on trips with them when I was at school (and I'm not a teacher). But I live locally to where they are based and they have a good reputation with coaches that always look clean and well maintained.

toomuchicecream Fri 29-Aug-14 14:07:50

Don't know about the companies you've got quotes from, but we always use and are very happy with them.

I don't know what your timings are, but all our local coach companies do school runs at 9 and 3. So whenever we go on a trip we leave at 9.15 and makes sure we're back in school before 2.45. That saves us £££££ as often the coach companies have drivers and vehicles to spare during the school day, so they'd rather get them out on a job at a lower price than have them sitting doing nothing until the school pick up.

Happy36 Sat 30-Aug-14 12:46:12

Thanks for the tip, toomuchicecream, we do that with coaches here (in Spain) so I was an idiot not to realise it´d be the same in the U.K. We have to work around flights so might possibly not be able to get their best prices on one of the journeys.

I´ll contact JL for a quote. Thank you again.

Happy36 Sat 30-Aug-14 12:46:54

Thanks, FunkyZebraHat, Tappins gave a reasonable quote so it´s pleasing to hear good feedback on them.

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