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KS3 Geography text recommendations please?

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Phineyj Wed 20-Aug-14 17:14:50

Hi, I have somehow been timetabled to teach a period of year 7 Geography this year (I'm an Economics teacher really) I am alarmed to note that the first 9 weeks are map work, something at which I definitely do not excel blush - I'm getting flashbacks to Duke of Edinburgh's award already! Can any of you kind people recommend a KS3 Geog textbook I can read over the next few weeks to get the basics? Ideally it would cover mapping, settlement, EU, resources, rivers and tourism so I can get a bit ahead on understanding the SoW.

thefemaleJoshLyman Thu 21-Aug-14 00:03:47

Does your school not have texts you can borrow?

Geog.1 is quite good for map skills, although it is normally featured in any year 7 text. You might have to browse through others. (I'm a bit out of date with textbooks). I have actually written a teacher book on the EU, although it is a little dated now.

PM me if you want any specific help. Geography is the beet subject. wink

Phineyj Sat 23-Aug-14 15:34:41

I might take you up on that, thank you. Yes we do have texts but I want to hit the ground running so to speak, as my main priority is my 50 or so year 12s who are starting my 'proper' subject. I looked at BBC Bitesize for Geography and it seemed good. Nice to hear such enthusiasm for Geography - I was a bit taken aback but have noticed lots of crossover with Economics.

Kablooger Sat 23-Aug-14 15:35:32

Everyone uses Waugh. Which us vintage. When I taught it one lesson was where to site euro disney. I'm not joking

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