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allergy and anaphylaxis training in yr school

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eragon Sat 09-Aug-14 11:39:53

just curious, have background working in schools and EY settings and have recently completed and passed a allergywise course with anaphylaxis campaign.

Has your setting had training?

Do you feel confident that you will be able to recognise anaphylaxis and use autoinjectors?

has the whole setting received allergy training?

ComeHeather Sat 09-Aug-14 11:55:42

Yes annual training for everyone, as standard. Then topped up by each child's allergy nurse so we know what the signs are for that child.

eragon Sat 09-Aug-14 12:25:57

curriculum wise are you pretty confident with allergic children in the classroom?

ComeHeather Sat 09-Aug-14 12:33:13

Yes. Plan ahead. Check anything dodgy with parents ahead of time.

It's routine as far as a I know, both to have children with allergies and to know what to do.

trinity0097 Sun 10-Aug-14 07:58:53

We have annual training by our school nurse on how to stab pupils - sorry use a jext pen or whatever they are calling them nowadays! We all know who is allergic to what, it's on our staffroom board, on our database in the school kitchen etc...

DownByTheRiverside Sun 10-Aug-14 08:40:00

Yes to all the above, along with any other training to meet specific needs such as diabetes and epilepsy.
Curriculum-wise, you plan with specific children in mind if the activity demands it, and keep in regular contact with parents to ensure that I understand what their allergy means for that particular child. Never assume.

lychee3 Mon 08-Sep-14 01:29:12

Yes we have annual training at the start of every year on anaphylaxis,allergies, asthma and epilepsy

Littlefish Sat 13-Sep-14 17:56:53

Same as lychee - annual training for all staff. All TAs are paid to come back/stay after school for the training and lunch time supervisors are trained seperately straight after their lunchtime "shift".

If any teacher is doing cooking/food tasting, they would check all ingredients with relevant parents first.

If I have a child with a particular allergy or intolerance, I ask the parents to provide me some emergency alternatives in case any other child brings in a birthday treat for the class.

spanieleyes Sat 13-Sep-14 20:49:46

All staff in my school have annual allergy and anaphylaxis training ( and diabetic training too) including lunchtime supervisors, teachers, teaching assistants and office staff. all staff know which children have which allergies and lunchtime supervisors carry photographs of children with known allergies so they can identify them quickly ( as they tend not to know them as well as teaching staff do)

hollie84 Sat 13-Sep-14 21:24:56

Never had training. When I had a child who had an epipen I had a 5 minute pep talk by my manager (mostly - "the instructions are on the side").

noblegiraffe Sat 13-Sep-14 21:27:08

I'm secondary and have not had any formal training. I once got shown how to use an epipen when I was going on a residential trip with a kid with a nut allergy, but that was nearly 10 years ago. Nothing since then. Secondary kids are expected to manage their allergies themselves I think.

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