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Interview this morning still haven't heard anything, how long does it take?

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saadia Tue 15-Jul-14 18:27:15

In my previous (2) interviews where I was successful I heard back the same day. When I wasn't successful, it took longer. What are people's experiences? just clutching desperately at straws really.

zummurzet Tue 15-Jul-14 20:06:17

It has always been the norm to appoint on the same day as interview, and let all candidates know by the end if that day.

However, I've recently heard of a few schools who took longer, some even a week, but mainly Academies though, so normal etiquette doesn't seem to apply. They do still expect you to make a decision in interview though - the old "If this job was offered to you, would you accept?" and then take your answer as a verbal agreement. Goal posts may be moving, as with many things in teaching.

My first job, I did hear on the day, but not until 11.30 at night (they knew I was traveling back to my home town from London, so waited til they knew I'd have got home - pre-mobiles, so showing my age).

Best of luck and I really hope you hear soon. It's immensely frustrating.

BikeRunSki Tue 15-Jul-14 20:07:54

Were they interviewing all the candidates today?

saadia Tue 15-Jul-14 20:30:34

Thank you zummerzet, that is what I feared so I'm trying to just get over it. Looking back I know I didnt answer some of the questions too well.

BikeRunSki I'm not sure if they were interviewing everyone today. I know there was someone else there while I was there but I didn't see her.

mamalovesmojitos Tue 15-Jul-14 21:16:15

Aw op. Best of luck. I know the struggle! Waiting and hoping. You'll get there thanks

saadia Tue 15-Jul-14 21:25:43

Thank you mamalovemojitos, the waiting is tough, keep trying to think of something else.

MercuryRising Tue 15-Jul-14 22:34:55

Fingers crossed for you opsmile

saadia Tue 15-Jul-14 22:37:56

Thanks MercuryRising, will call in the morning. Don't want to spend another day wondering.

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