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End of year gifts.

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phlebasconsidered Fri 11-Jul-14 19:29:28

I need some help! I have had my year 5 class for 7 months. I was thinking home-made bookmarks with their photos on, with acrostics of their name, showing adjectives and adverbs that make up their personality. Plus some sweets, loom bands and a postcard saying what they did well this year and a wish for next year. Is that too much / enough? I've only got a week and i'm not sure what else to do. What are other teachers doing?

Yangsun Fri 11-Jul-14 19:36:00

Wow, that sounds amazing (and like a lot of work), my dd is tiny but I think I would be so touched if her teacher did something like this.

It reminds me how very different the primary and secondary worlds are, I have very occasionally written cards to a group of sixth formers who have been a particular joy to teach and will buy a bag or two of funsized chocs for my groups but never anything so personal. It cuts both ways though - anyone other than a child who's about to leave school wouldn't be seen dead giving the teacher a gift no matter how many lunchtimes we give up.

MirandaWest Fri 11-Jul-14 19:39:13

My DC generally get maybe a small bag of sweets and/or a pencil or similar from their teacher - I think I'd feel a bit embarrassed if they got lots of things (although of course it would be very nice of the teacher)

steppemum Fri 11-Jul-14 21:59:58

very generous, but one of those things would be more than enough

Eastpoint Sat 12-Jul-14 07:51:52

One of my DCs was given a photo key ring once, that was a big success. They've also been given books but they are a bit of a waste as we've always had them already.

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