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tilliebob Fri 04-Jul-14 16:24:58

Sitting on my hands here to stop myself from typing on SO many threads today confused. Who'd be a bloody teacher, eh? I'm fed up being to blame for all the ills of society and am in Scotland so not even striking

I'd be out of teaching if I had the chance - imagine, giving up all those holidays and the short cushy days - I must be mad!! hmm

CalamitouslyWrong Fri 04-Jul-14 16:32:24

If it makes you feel better, I just wrote some glowing feedback on the form that came with DS2's report card today. His teacher obviously put loads of effort into making the report cards personal to every child and including lots of examples and photographs. I wrote some (probably slightly gushing) feedback about the teaching team and school generally too because I figure they deserve to hear how well they've done this year (especially when there's so much anti-teacher sentiment out there).

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