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online sponsored swim form

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tomatoesonthevine Tue 01-Jul-14 17:10:48

Hi there, I am wandering if there are any schools out there that use an online sponsorship form? And if so, how? My ds have a sponsored swim each year to raise funds for their small village school and thought of the idea of having an online form for it to be easier for distant family and friends to sponsor. I would love to hear from anyone that knows if this is possible and how I can come about organising this.
Regards smile

BucksKid Tue 01-Jul-14 18:04:58

Can you use Just Giving?

cuggles Tue 01-Jul-14 18:12:20

justgiving take a fair sized percentage though..but easier to organise for sure

Chopstheduck Tue 01-Jul-14 18:20:33

jsutgiving also charge £15 per month. I've been looking for something similar. BT giving website is free and just charges donors for a card transaction fee, but you would need a charity number, and I don't think schools register as charity?

tomatoesonthevine Fri 04-Jul-14 12:48:29

thankyou @BucksKid @cuggles & @Chopstheduck.
You have to be a registered charity for and BT which you're right @Chopstheduck, schools are not, however looking more into I found out there is Yimby by where organisations however small can raise as little or as much and sounds perfect for our school. Again many thanks for the replies. @Chopstheduck let me know if you've found an alternative how you get on!

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