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Anyone had their SATs papers back yet?

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KingscoteStaff Fri 27-Jun-14 11:25:24

English + Maths came back yesterday and I have levelled them with last year's thresholds (pointless, I know, but I just couldn't help myself...)

Maths is exactly what I expected, but Reading is a disaster - loads of mine who have scored 5s on past papers all year have scored 32, 33 or 34 and just missed a 5. Let's hope the thresholds are lower...

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 17:57:16

Got maths back. Seems as expected but I have four on 75....which i think is JUST going to miss a five.
Everyone I've spoken to have said their reading have been dreadful! I blame the new format.

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 17:57:42

Ive also heard a whisper the threshold for the L5 reading may be 32...

TheDuchessOfSalford Fri 27-Jun-14 18:45:53

We've had reading back too, so has DH's school.

Lots of my more able children who were consistently scoring 40+ in practise papers have scored in the low/mid 30s. Same for DH's.

Has anyone been through their papers? One of the potato questions was something like: find and copy and phrase that shows Europeans were unsure about the potato.

Lots of my children used the phrase 'they were suspicious of them' but weren't given a mark. The only answer that got a mark was 'they thought they were a funny shape' or some such. Does anyone know why the first answer is wrong? It's the answer I would have given and seems a better example.
The funny shape says WHY they were unsure but that's not what the question asked.

I know it's stupid but it's been annoying me all day!

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 18:54:04

That seems very unfair, Duchess and I will make sure I scour mine carefully when they come back. Sorry yours are disappointing. Dreading mine.

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 19:34:23

The mark schemes have been published on NCA tools.

(They were) regarded with suspicion gets one mark.

it is a find and copy the phrase answer so unless the children wrote it in their own words, they should have got the mark.

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 19:39:25

Odd shape and food for animals also get a point!

Ow have your level 3/4 done? In line with previous tests or lower?

Our maths is back and seems fair enough. V similar to my teacher assessment if the threshold stays at 79.

32 would be brilliant for L 5 reading! How sure are you cat kisser?

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 19:42:05

I'm not, sadly. I was at a meeting with local heads yesterday and this is what they seemed to think based on the paper. It would be a very generous mark, if so.
I am (vainly) praying they drop the maths to 75. Anyone enter many level sixes? I reckon we've got a couple for maths and reading, but none for writing.
Of course the papers aren't back yet, so....

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 19:42:31

Any chance you could link me to the mark scheme, please? I cant find it!

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 19:48:42

You have to log in to NCA tools to access it.

I do have it saved-if you pm me your email I can send it to you.

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 19:55:28

That's really kind, will do so now as I've been using my deputy's login and I don't remember it!

MrsKCastle Fri 27-Jun-14 20:02:30

Interesting...our reading tests are back and I was led to believe (by the HT) that the threshold was 36. I was told 'these children got 4, not 5' as a fact. When the papers arrive back, is it just a number then? No confirmation of the level until 8th July?

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 20:07:57

Nope, no confirmation at all. Last year's threshold was 36 and it was leaked a couple of days before the official date, but asfar as I know there's no solid info about this year!

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 20:12:25

have emailed the mark schemes over. It's quite a large file as all the Level 6'schemes are attached as well.

MrsKCastle-unless your head has ridiculously inside information and is being v indiscreet about sharing it then she doesn't know, she is just estimating based on last year's thresholds.
They usually go up (on NCA tools) at midnight on the day they are announced-8th July this year.

CatKisser Fri 27-Jun-14 20:15:44

Received the files - thank you so much!

TheDuchessOfSalford Fri 27-Jun-14 20:17:26

EnchantedForest (are you named after the board game, btw? I loved that when I was little!), would you mind if I pm'd you for the mark scheme too? I found half a dozen children who weren't given the mark for that answer.

I know it's only a mark but it could be the difference between a 4 and a 5 for a couple of children, which will have a huge knock on effect for our progress measures with this year's cohort.

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 20:23:29

Of course. just pm me your email.

Not the board game no, the forest in the magic faraway tree series!

MrsKCastle Fri 27-Jun-14 20:32:00

Phew. Well I do hope that the l5 threshold is a little lower than 36. Even 34 would be a real help.

cece Fri 27-Jun-14 20:39:31

me too please if you could. thanks

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 20:42:31

happy to send (just at home watching TV and Mnetting).
pm me your email address.

partystress Fri 27-Jun-14 20:43:15

2 years ago the threshold for L5 reading was 33 iirc. A drop to 34 this year would double our 5s compared with keeping it at 36. Would still be well below what we got last year though. Maths looking good as long as they don't raise the threshold....

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 20:52:00

Sent to cece

cece Fri 27-Jun-14 20:57:02

We only have our maths back so far.

TheEnchantedForest Fri 27-Jun-14 21:37:54

Sent to theDuchessofSalford

TheDuchessOfSalford Fri 27-Jun-14 22:00:31

Thank you, TEF, they've arrived!

That's Monday morning sorted then...

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