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Year 5/6 teachers, help!!

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petalpower Wed 11-Jun-14 05:57:47

Found out yesterday that from September I am being moved from Yr 3/4 to teach Yr 5/6 and I'm just feeling really fed up and uninspired by it. Tiny school, no parallel classes so no opportunity for shared planning etc. I love 3/4 but just feel flat about 5/6. The thought of a year minimum teaching that year group has me reaching for the tes jobs section sad

PurpleAlert Wed 11-Jun-14 07:14:19

Will the current year 5 /6 teachers not share their planning with you so you have somewhere to start?

Nonie241419 Wed 11-Jun-14 13:57:11

I'm in a similar position. I asked for a move from Year 3 to Year 1 to get some KS1 experience. Instead I've been told I'm moving to Year 6 with a VERY challenging cohort. I'm dreading it already. Thankfully, I'm a part timer, so it's not just me on my own.
I do know our first two topics, which were devised by our Year 5 teacher. We're doing Pirates first (lots of geography/history and historical fiction), followed by Chocolate (Fair trade/Ghana, DT with some chocolate tasting involved). They sound like good topics, and I know they've worked well for the Year 5 teacher in the past.

JonSnowKnowsNothing Wed 11-Jun-14 22:31:50

Upper KS2 is fab. The children give so much back. I'm Y6 in a one form entry too, and I love the fact you can do exactly what you choose. In terms of y6, there's the obvious pressure of SATs, but I find if you constantly have your mind on where they need to be, it's quite an enjoyable challenge. (Assuming youre not in a place like my old school where "4a" writers were more like 3bs..misery all round.)

Is it that particular cohort you're dreading?

petalpower Wed 11-Jun-14 22:50:20

Thank you for all your replies. Wrote a message then my computer crashed!
Current teachers are temp and job sharing. The curriculum will all be new and isn't yet planned (eek!) part from the maths that I'm subject leader for. I just don't feel inspired by the classroom space or the cohort that I'll be teaching (again). I really love Yr 3/4 sad

JonSnowKnowsNothing Thu 12-Jun-14 20:48:02

For once, we're really organised and have our interpretation of the new curriculum planned out in the form of long term plans. Am happy to email a copy tomorrow if you fancy seeing what another school are doing.

petalpower Thu 12-Jun-14 22:21:42

That would be fab, thank you.
I will PM you my email address.

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