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Interview lesson, eyfs, help, I'm useless! Useless!

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Snowcherriesfromfrance Fri 06-Jun-14 14:33:20

I've got an interview on Tuesday and it's quite vague but I will have the whole class for 30 minutes.

This is what I'm thinking (current topic is minibeasts)

Read the book "snail trail" with the children. I have a snail puppet too and some small props for the snail to go through as it does in the story.

Then some children will presumably have free choice which I'm not sure if Im supposed to resource?! I've planned some activities and I know their role play is bug themed atm. There are only 15 in the class btw. I've also got some plastic mini beasts for them to sort and match and some junk modelling stuff to make bug habitats.

Then I will have four children to do some focused work on the story. I was going to give them some card, glitter and glue to make their own snail trails and then ask them to sequence the events and stick them along their snail trails. The higher ability could add labels and the mainstream could add initial sounds. The bottom ability won't be able to do this so would just be lots of taking. We would look at the book and the props again as we did this.

Another group would work with the TA looking at some real snails and the tracks they make. I was going to put some card out for them to put the snails on so they could see for themselves. This leaves 7 children free flowing. I was going to ask the ta to focus on adjectives and descriptive language. The children have very poor vocabs and several do not speak in sentences so they need a lot of opportunities for speaking and listening.

Does this sound ok? I know the school and the children and the highest ability children are only just working at the expected level and there are only four of them, the school has a lot of SEN, looked after children and children with behavioural problems so I'm trying not to pitch it too high but also make it challenging and engaging.

I've actually made a plan for a week which shows the continuous provision and how the activities would progress and how I'd link it into numeracy and other curriculum areas.

Does it sound ok?! I know I won't have time to get through all the children in 30 minutes but it seems it is a case of setting it up and letting it run.

Am I barking up the wrong tree? It's so hard showing everything and CLL in only 30 mins.

10twinkle10 Sat 07-Jun-14 10:43:26

Sounds really good to me. What they will be actually looking for is how you engage with the children and a good thorough plan of what would be happening through the day/week if it was actually your class.

When I have observed lessons for new teachers I very rarely get outstanding teacher because the class is so unfamiliar so what I look for is very good teaching, enthusiasm, good positive behaviour management and a good knowledge of EYFS curriculum including planning for continuous provision. They are also obviously looking for someone who would fit into their existing team of staff.

I would be happy to look at your plan.
Good luck

Snowcherriesfromfrance Sat 07-Jun-14 10:44:29

Thank you twinkle!
I'm just adding a few more things to it and taking a few things out because I was trying to do too much, would I then be ok to pm you with it all?

10twinkle10 Sat 07-Jun-14 13:00:51

yes, Pm me.

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