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Is exam marking worth the effort?

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Dragonlette Wed 04-Jun-14 22:43:49

I did maths ks3 sats marking for a couple of years just as they were scrapped and the money for that seemed reasonable to me for the amount of work I had to do.

A friend is doing GCSE Maths marking and thinks there could be vacancies if I want to do some. I'm considering it. I'm just wondering how much work I would be expected to do and how much money it ends up as. I know that GCSE marking now is different to SAts marking 5 years ago and it's pretty much all online now, whereas when I did my marking I was sent boxes full of actual papers. Also with the SATs they were done at the start of May and I did all the marking during half term, but obviously that won't be the case for the GCSEs.

Has anybody done it for Maths? Will I need to go on a day's training or will that be done online as well? If you teach ft, with little gained time and a family, would you do it? We're not desperate for the money but a little extra would always be nice and might pay for a holiday.

cricketballs Thu 05-Jun-14 16:51:05

Not maths, but I do mark GCSE for Edexcel. It is all online means I can do some at school in my gained time Whilst it is hard going, especially if you want to hit your targets (which means a bonus), the pay isnt too bad. By far the most important reason I keep doing it is that I have never had CPD which has given me the same benefits which I take into my lessons every time.

Whilst past papers and mark schemes are available, insight into exactly what they are really after has been invaluable

Dragonlette Thu 05-Jun-14 17:45:22

Thanks cricket. It's good to know the pay is ok. I think I'll apply and see how it goes. If I find it's not worth the extra stress then I don't have to do it again.

Hobnobissupersweet Thu 05-Jun-14 20:55:47

Mark for AQA, not maths. as crickets says the CPD benefits are huge, I have learnt loads and really apply it to my teaching. We aren't allowed to mark in gained time sadly ( explicitly forbidden) but I find it goes ok ( teach full time) the pay is only ok for the amount of time it takes, but it is a nice little extra in addition to the usefulness of it. Mine is all online, including training which makes it easier with a family.

cricketballs Thu 05-Jun-14 21:52:56

Hobno, we aren't allowed either, however sitting on my laptop with textbooks near me seriously looks like I'm planning grin

MagratGarlik Thu 05-Jun-14 23:41:45

Not maths, but biology A'level. I've been used to marking large volumes of exam scripts from previous university lecturing days, so in that respect, not much difference, but as others said, it's the insight into the system. If you are working in school (or university) they ask for approval from your employer for the time required to mark (or at least there was a bit on the application form confirming employer's consent).

lecherrs Fri 06-Jun-14 08:21:44

For my sins, I do lots of marking and have done for the past ten years. In terms of the money, I'm not sure it really is worth it, but for the knowledge and experience gained, it is worth it's weight in Gold.

In terms of marking, I'm paid something like £1.22 per essay (AS level, takes 35 mins to write - up to 8 pages long). So, the hourly great isn't good if you've got lots of scripts with writing that is hard to read.

However, I mark A level and I'm told GCSE is a doddle to mark in comparison. This is from colleagues who do both.

However, most people do it for the experience, and I wouldn't disagree with that. I try to mark (at least once) everything I teach, and I would say it completely changes my teaching. I took over another area this year, and am now marking it for the first time. That has made me see the weaknesses in my own students' work, where we are not helping them to hit the milestones etc... I've already drawn up a plan of changes I want to make for September grin.

I mostly get about 1K from the marking all in (including standardising etc) and always use it to pay for a holiday at the end. I figure I've earnt it by then!

beatricequimby Fri 06-Jun-14 19:55:31

Not Maths and not GCSE but agree with those who say its invaluable for your teaching. Money-wise what I do is poorly paid. I would get twice as much from tutoring.

I mark A level maths, and for me it's worth it. I am a SAHM who tutors in the evening (used to be a maths teacher before DS and DD arrived) and it's extra income when I'm at home to mark anyway.

It's time consuming and I have to confine it to afternoons when DD is at preschool, and evenings after tuition (which will mostly stop in a week after exams are over though), and it can be hard on the eyes as it is all on computer now - though not all subjects are, a friend is marking English and that's still paper copies. The targets are pretty big, and some time limits are very tight, particularly for the later exams. But I enjoy it and have a supportive DH who will take the children out for a bit on the weekends to let me get on with it. I can sit with a coffee and a bit of peace and quiet! Though I do tend to eat more when I'm marking!

As others have said, it's great for really getting to grips with what the exam boards want, and I can pass this on to my tutees. Things like the importance of writing clearly, not being sloppy with your notation, exactly where marks tend to be awarded.

Money wise, I probably get paid a little less for 8 weeks work then I do for a whole year of tutoring. It depends on the exam you mark as well.

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