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Secondary interview tips

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juicymelon Tue 03-Jun-14 18:22:44

Hi. I have interview for science teacher position tomorrow morning (late notice) this will be my 3rd time of trying for my first post as nqt & have each time been told it's my interview part that has let me down hmm

So, any top tips, questions to expect, text book answers? I'm desperate to secure this post as the school would be ideal with location etc
Thanks in advance smile

TheLateMrsLizCromwell Tue 03-Jun-14 19:16:02

Great news that it is not the lesson! The interview you can improve with practice, so the hardest bit you have already managed. I came to teaching late, after a career in HR, so have seen numerous interviews from both sides , and trained interviewers. if you look on Linked In there are masses of interview tips, but the key thing is - listen to the question- all of it, before you answer. And answer the question, do not feel you need to waffle on to fill silence. If you need time to think then take it. If you need clarification ask for it. There are some things you know will come up - child protection, how do you know children have made progress in your lesson... think about your practice - you will have seen and done the things they ask about but they will not immediately come to mind. If you are still PGCE, ask your tutor or mentor to do a mock interview. And think of questions to ask them, based on what you have seen of the school - this will show that you have thought about it and are reflective. The interviewees who come across best are those who have lots of questions. Good luck!

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