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A new addition to my form class

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HexBramble Tue 03-Jun-14 06:43:27

This is going to be a tough one for me and I need some experience here.

Emma (not her real name) arrived at my form class yesterday. I get on quite well with her - have taught her for the last year - but am also aware that she's a nightmare around school. Has been on constant report, parents teacher report book (Mum is at end of tether) and lots of discipline issues.

She trashes the place at home - attacks older brother, punches walls, steals, bullies at school, threatens violence at school.

I really, really want to help her (and her family). I know there's only a certain amount I can do as. Form tutor, but I am heavily interested and involved in 'my' kids. I try to be really supportive.

So, where do I start with her. I've always heaped loads of praise when she's good, and I've always drawn firm boundary lines for good behaviour. I know I'm not a Psychologist, but how can I help this girl settle and be happier with her life? She's 12.

HexBramble Tue 03-Jun-14 06:44:23

On phone. Poor punctuation!

elliepac Tue 03-Jun-14 07:16:45

Be there for her. It sounds as if you have a good relationship and she knows what you expect and that is the most important thing.

My form are Year 11 and just leaving after having been with me since Year 7. I have had one 'naughty' boy who also has a turbulent home life, parents who don't really care. I have been his go to person. If he was angry with something that happened at school, he came to me. He vented. We had a rule that he could say what he wanted about school to me only. This then meant he was less likely to get in trouble as he had someone to vent to if you see what i mean. That extra bit of attention every morning. Check in with her every day.

He's leaving now after several near misses and barely surviving Year 9 and should do well in his GCSE's. I will miss him. He calls me his second mum!

Good luck. The best thing you can do as a form tutor is care. And it sounds like you do. Be the one person who is always there for them. Support them, bollock them when necessary, care for them.

HexBramble Tue 03-Jun-14 08:13:03

elliepac, thank you. That's exactly what I want to be.

You sound a fab form tutor. Your lot will miss you - especially that lad thanks

HexBramble Tue 03-Jun-14 20:13:07

She attacked her 15 year old last night. Punched him several times before ripping out a chunk of his hair.

She told me this in a fairly non-emotional voice whilst helping me carry boxes of paper to my classroom. I asked her if she was sorry, and she wasn't. No bravado, no showing off, no drama. Just a simple "no, not at all."

It's like she was disconnected somehow. sad

HexBramble Tue 03-Jun-14 20:13:27

Her 15 year old brother.

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