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Breaking a contract

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middlewallop Sat 31-May-14 19:11:48

Have you ever done it? I have just spotted my dream job but it is too late to resign being that the deadline is Monday for the application and Thursday is the interview?

toomuchicecream Sat 31-May-14 20:33:52

Never broken a contract but twice handed my notice in after the date, and both schools had offered me the job knowing I might not be able to start for a term.

The first time the head refused to let me leave early but the new school wanted someone with experience so they put a supply teacher in my job for a term. The second time (leaving that job) the head let me go.

So I say apply. The new school will know your situation and will either chose to reject you, knowing you can't start, or interview and take the risk. If they want someone with experience they are unlikely to get anyone who can start in September now.

HamAndPlaques Sat 31-May-14 21:39:52

You could resign before midnight tonight and still make the deadline but that doesn't solve the problem of getting the other job! How accommodating is your headteaxher, and how easily could s/he recruit to replace you for September?

littlesupersparks Sat 31-May-14 21:44:15

I would go for it, letting them know the situation. If they low you yet will get cover for a term and your school may well let you go.

I've resigned a tlr after the resignation date and they just let me stop at the end of the term x

middlewallop Sat 31-May-14 22:00:15

Thank you so much... I am don't think I have the guts to resign tonight with no job ahead but I think I may apply and explain my situation.

NCFTTB Sat 31-May-14 22:02:10

Definitely apply and the school may either wait for you or your school may release you early as others have said. You'll only regret it if you don't. Good luck!

middlewallop Sat 31-May-14 22:06:43

It feels worse as I am part time and they have been trying really hard make the timetable work for me (new timetable starting at the end of June), to now walk away... I have been a long time so an NQT might be very cheap option to replace me.

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