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Tips for reception teacher interview please

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mintymellons Thu 29-May-14 13:05:45

I have an interview for a part time reception teacher post.

I qualified about eleven years ago then worked as a reception teacher for two years before having my first child. I then had a break for a couple of years and have since (so last seven years) worked as a pre school assistant. Basically I'm up to date with delivering the EYFS and that side of things, but need to know more about what will be expected of a teacher these days.

Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on what questions might come up at interview? I have to teach for thirty mins then have a twenty min interview by the way.


TheDuchessOfSalford Thu 29-May-14 13:49:30

DH is a HT and says these are the standard questions that are picked and chosen from for an EYFS interview.

Can you tell us why you applied for the position of EYFS teacher at [name of school]?

What do you think are the main issues to consider when managing your pupils’ behaviour?

What do you consider important when developing a stimulating learning environment that encourages children to be independent learners?

How you would organise your classroom?

The Foundation Stage profile needs to be completed during the EYFS. What sort of evidence will you collect to help build a picture of each child? (Follow on question: How will you use this throughout the year?)

The EYFS classrooms here have access to an outdoor area. How might you use this area to support children’s development? (Follow on question: Why do you think outdoor play is important?)

You will have a learning support assistant or nursery nurse in your classroom. How will you use them?

An anxious parent approaches you at the end of the day saying, “I’m really worried about Alex, all he ever seems to do at school is play. He never brings anything home. When he was at playgroup he used to do proper work.” What would you say or do, immediately and in the future?

How would you work towards building partnerships with parents and carers?

What do you think are the main issues to consider when managing your pupils’ behaviour?

Tell us something about a particular area of expertise or interest that you have and how you would plan to develop this.

According to him, standard practice among the HT he knows is to chose 6 or 7 from that list but there will almost certainly be a 'why this job/why here' question. He says to just be honest and natural. Nerves don't matter but try to be yourself.

During the teaching part, the panel will be looking at how natural you are with the children and what sort of relationship you build with them in the time.

Good luck!

mintymellons Thu 29-May-14 13:57:30

Thanks Duchess (and to your DH too)!

They look like good areas to research/think about.

Jellypudmum Thu 29-May-14 15:25:54


breward Thu 29-May-14 19:02:40

They will certainly ask you about safe guarding. Make sure you are up to date (the school's policy is usually online) and maybe have an example where you have had to make use of your pre-school/school's safe guarding policy.

Read the school's website thoroughly.

mintymellons Fri 30-May-14 11:09:26

Thanks Breward, I will look closely at that too!

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