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Early Pregnancy Teaching tips

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MrsCK Tue 27-May-14 20:19:29

Hi all! Looking to rack your brains smile
I am 4+5 at the moment, so very early days. I am guessing my 12 week scan (if it is done at 12 weeks) will coincide with the end of term which is when I would probably tell people. Just wondering if you have any tips for coping with nausea, fatigue etc in the early stages?

cuggles Wed 28-May-14 18:02:19

Eat regularly (keep easy snacks in a desk drawer including a energy boost..I had fruit gums!) and get as good a nights sleep as you can. Keep hydrated and perhaps confide in someone on SLT as you don't have to do break duties etc when pregnant (well I didnt!) so ensure that happens as early as you feel it is ok to tell. Also, if you arent already good at it ( I wasnt) learn it is ok to say no! Congratulations!

talulahbelle Thu 29-May-14 17:08:38

I told work at 6 weeks as I felt so rough - my HoD knew before all my family and friends! They've been lovely about giving me time off for all my appointments and taking extra pressure off me though - I've hardly done any extra-curricular stuff.

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