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Dear Mr Gove

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breward Tue 27-May-14 17:34:05

Very sad... I know so many colleagues who are feeling this way and are ready to throw in the towel and opt for a career change. These are excellent teachers who will be a real loss to the classroom and the profession. sad

IsItFridayYetPlease Tue 27-May-14 18:23:42

The even sadder thing Lucy is not a rarity.

zummurzet Wed 28-May-14 09:28:53

So frustratingly sad. I'm not sure if the government is realising that there is a slow but steady exodus from teaching, especially experienced women, with families of their own. They simply don't want to do the job anymore. And for me, that is a travesty for our children. Twenty-something NQTs have many strengths and advantages, but schools need experience as well.

middlewallop Sat 31-May-14 22:15:27

So true.

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