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Have you done the MaST programme...

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partystress Sat 24-May-14 15:38:27

I really like the sound of it, but am nervous of the time commitment outside of school - don't get much of a weekend as it is and have tricky time ahead with family issues. Would you recommend it? Did you still have a life? Thanks

toomuchicecream Sun 25-May-14 18:33:42

Yes I did it. Yes I highly recommend it. Yes it completely changed my Maths teaching for the better.

I think the amount of work involved depends a bit on which provider you're with (and that seems to be down to your LA rather than your choice). As with all of these things, you get out what you put in. So the first year I did all of the reading and background tasks and really benefited. In the second year I had changed year groups and so had a lot more on in and outside school so I didn't do as much of the reading and so didn't get as much out of it.

If your course is like mine, it would be perfectly possible to do the bulk of the work in the holidays, with perhaps an evening before you go to your local meeting (as long as you read quickly!). My top tip would be to make sure your Head Teacher is fully behind you doing it and will give you the time out of class which you're entitled to to complete your school based tasks. I started the course in 1 school who received funding to release me, but with a very disorganised HT I found it hard to get time out. At the Easter of the second year, as I was supposed to be starting the school based action research for the final project, I changed schools (long story...) to do a maternity cover. The new school received no funding or long term benefit from me doing the course as I was only there 2 terms, but my timetable was arranged so I had an afternoon a week to work with children to complete my action research. When the research didn't go as expected and I was considering deferring and starting again with a different research project, the HT was very clear that "we want you to finish". Which was enough to spur me on!

So I say go for it!

partystress Sun 25-May-14 20:07:42

Thank you too much. That is reassuring. I asked my HT last year, but she had already booked me on something else, whereas this year she has suggested it, so I am hopeful that the practicalities will be managed. Good to know it didn't add too much onto term time workload. Thank you.

twinsareseventeen Wed 04-Jun-14 19:11:38

I'm just finishing the MaST course. I have found it lots of work! The assignments are stressful as you need to be writing at Masters Level. All in all I wouldn't recommend it if you are already finding juggling work and home difficult.

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