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MissPricklePants Thu 22-May-14 21:40:57

I'm currently a TA, working on achieving my HLTA status. I have a BA 2.1 and a Masters degree and I want to teach, I really want to do it but I'm a single mum with little support to a 5 year old. Is it doable or do I put it on hold for a few years? I love my TA job but really want to get QTS! any advice appreciated!

ihatehousework2 Thu 22-May-14 22:02:58

You obviously want this. Try 'schools direct'. But it might be next year because places may have gone. Trying to get schools to do teacher training and get paid. It's a way of helping people like yourself.

MissPricklePants Thu 22-May-14 22:12:51

I should have made it clear in my OP I am looking for next Sept, not this but trying to figure out if it is doable. I have looked on schools direct but seems fees are still extortionate and that I wouldn't necessarily get a bursary :-/

HamAndPlaques Thu 22-May-14 22:25:32

What's your subject?

ihatehousework2 Thu 22-May-14 22:32:59

Some paid, some not but you'd just have to apply. Is there one unis do? _ITP or something says hubbie? must be a real difficult choice, as kids are your priority. I had set up.home. and did PGCE when in mid twenties but its a hard year. But...the pay increase is the incentive.

ihatehousework2 Thu 22-May-14 22:34:33


LUKYMUM Thu 22-May-14 23:57:40

Try to make sure you get some form of support. I got an au pair. I couldn't have done this year without her. I'm in a similar situation to you. You have an advantage that you have been a TA already. So you might be more familiar with how to teach.
The PGCE route finishes in June but school direct you're teaching until the end of term. That's something to think about.

If you can find support in the form of friends or family I would do it this year. Do it while you can. You never know what might happen later.

MissPricklePants Fri 23-May-14 16:38:16

My degree is History but I want to teach Primary (ideally KS2). I couldn't have an au pair, no spare room but its a good idea!!

LUKYMUM Sun 25-May-14 08:22:56

We don't have spare room either. My son and I are sharing a room for this year and maybe for NQT year too.

You may not need one if you feel familiar with the content. So won't be shocked by the work load.

MissPricklePants Sun 25-May-14 13:46:02

The only thing stopping me is the amount of extra student debt I would end up with!

toomuchicecream Sun 25-May-14 18:24:43

Can you persuade your school to sponsor you in some way? Maybe take you on themselves as a Schools Direct trainee? Or could they put you in touch with another local school where you could train? Word of mouth and personal contacts goes a long way in teaching.

HamAndPlaques Sun 25-May-14 20:14:38

Sounds like you would be looking for a salaried School Direct place. You're only eligible if you have three years' post degree work experience, and applications for Sep '15 will open this autumn, probably November. You would be employed on the unqualified teacher scale and wouldn't earn much but it would probably be more than your TA salary. Once you have qualified, you could press for the equivalent of M2 in recognition of your HLTA experience and your MA.

I would also approach your current headteacher and ask outright if they would consider allowing you to train there. If they want to keep you then they have the time to create a salaried training place for you.

MissPricklePants Sun 25-May-14 20:39:02

I have 14 months TA under my belt but volunteer work previously. So I think I'd be looking at Sept 16, I would ask the head but he is retiring in July!

ihatehousework2 Sun 25-May-14 21:55:50

But he is the head now so nothing ventured, nothing gained? Know what you mean though. I'm lost in the suggestions for an au pair. wouldn't that be expensive? Does it work out economical , as it sounds not?! It's something I would have no experience of. Debt wise, unfortunately, it's something that you will expect no matter what now. In the long term you gain but you have to put the work in, which I'm sure you would and it isn't easy, especially with kids.

MissPricklePants Mon 26-May-14 19:30:02

I am willing to put 110% in, it is what I want to do. I am single and no desire to have more kids I think I could balance it well but with more experience I could get on the schools direct course with a salaried position. Au Pair sound pricey for me, and not necessarily practical due to tiny house and my location is prob not where au pairs wanna spend their time!

MissPricklePants Mon 26-May-14 19:30:26

I will ask though, he is very supportive of training needs etc

toomuchicecream Mon 26-May-14 22:20:06

I had an au pair when I did my PGCE (and for the next 3 years, until DS went to secondary school and I reduced my working hours slightly). It meant that he could play football with his friends after school every day like he did when I picked up and then come home to his own home, or go off to swimming or the activities I took him to after school. It also meant that I came home to a cooked meal smile I didn't use my au pair for cleaning as I already had a cleaner and it didn't seem fair to sack her when she hadn't done anything wrong. But it would have been well within the au pair's hours to have done a bit of cleaning during the day. If you and your child could share a room for a year as poster above does, it would be well worth considering as it would take a lot of pressure off you. Why not look on au pair world and see if anyone in your area is advertising for one - you might be surprised!!

kindledrama Tue 27-May-14 20:59:37

Hi, I'm in my NQT year, and qualified doing the GTP (now schools direct) and I'm a single parent to 3 young children. So definitely doable! Good luck.

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