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Can any Year 1 teachers help - planning interview lesson, are there any dos and don'ts.

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saadia Wed 21-May-14 23:19:25

All my experience is in Reception so just wondered if there was anything I could include that would really Wow them. Have Literacy lesson planned with activities and differentiation and AFL thrown in, but not sure if they still need sound mats and word mats?

Ferguson Fri 23-May-14 18:36:10

I was a KS1 TA / helper for over twenty years.

Keep it relaxed, entertaining and fun, so children stay engaged I should think. Having props or artefacts to reinforce the learning is useful - puppets, or whatever.

Haven't come across 'sound mats' and 'word mats' personally, but Yes, Yr1 won't be very independent and won't really have moved on so very far from Reception levels, except for a few 'high fliers' maybe.

The other day on a similar thread I suggested the interviewee make some DELIBERATE mistakes, and see if the children spot it, and if they do they should enjoy correcting teacher!

Enjoy it, and make sure the children enjoy it too!

saadia Fri 23-May-14 19:44:12

Thank you Ferguson, had the interview today. The lesson went really well thankfully and it was a lovely class.

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