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Scottish teachers - anyone else doing the ERD process?

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MrsNutkin Mon 28-Apr-14 22:30:35

How would you word your answers to these headings?

4. Ensure relevant development of literacy, numeracy, health and well-being across the curriculum by:

a. looking for opportunities to develop literacy, numeracy and health and well being skills through cross-curricular work, which builds on natural rather than tenuous or contrived links

b. planning carefully the work that promotes the development of these skills

Note your Assertions, to identify supporting Evidence and to outline the Impact.


6. Gather a range of evidence of learner progress in order to record and report upon this by:

considering how evidence is clearly linked to the relevant Experiences and Outcomes. Pupil work is evidenced in terms of what they ‘make, say, write and do’. An efficient process of gathering evidence provides valuable information to aid reporting to parents

Clr2014 Mon 28-Apr-14 22:33:19

what does ERD stand for?

Are you looking for someone else to do your thinking for an essay / interview??wink

MrsNutkin Mon 28-Apr-14 23:13:19

Employee Review and Development.

I just want to see if what I've written is along the same lines as others, that I've used the correct wording and terminology!
A wee bit stressed about it all, as since I've returned from mat leave I feel totally out of the loop!

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