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School in special measures - help with options

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lilyw Sat 26-Apr-14 12:01:29

Im teaching at a school that has just gone into Special Measures after previously being "Good". I only joined in September so this has hit me as a bit of a shock. I have previously worked in a Special Measures school when I was newly qualified so I know what's to come. I am very worried about the future - the HMI inspections, the scrutiny we will be under, the stress etc.

I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to go through all of this again and I haven't been that happy here so I am definitely going to leave in July. I just don't know what to do next. I considered contacting my previous school and asking if they would consider having me back. I left on good terms and I was happy there - the only reason I left was because I had an hour commute each way and I didn't have the means to move at that time. I could possibly relocate for next year but I am worried this is a knee-jerk reaction, as I'm not totally sure I'd want to return as things change a lot in the space of a year.

I have had some health issues this year (my current school are aware of this) and my doctor has advised me to avoid stress as this will make things worse - which is another reason I want to leave. I am wondering if I should leave the profession altogether and start again as I currently as I don't have a mortgage or family and I have some savings to support me.

Just can't decide what to do, think I'm still in shock from the Ofsted report to be honest.

So I have a few questions

1) If I applied to a new school, would they judge me as a poor teacher because my previous school have just gone into SM? (Even though I wasn't observed during the inspection and I have only been there a year?)

2) If I decide to enquire for positions at my old school, how should I approach them? (Dubious about this one - I'm not sure it's a good idea.)

3) How do I tell my Head I'm leaving without making it sound like I'm jumping ship because of the report? (I was considering moving on before this even happened as I've had a difficult year with my health and I didn't think the school was for me.)

Thanks for any advice.

EvilTwins Sat 26-Apr-14 13:21:49

Plenty of people will jump ship so the head is probably expecting it. I've been through SM and out the other side. AFAIK it didn't affect any of my ex-colleagues' efforts to find new jobs.

If you're not happy, then leaving is absolutely the best option. I suggest you look in the TES and see what's available, contact your old school (did you get on with the HT? If so, go direct to him/her) and see if there is likely to be anything for September then let your current HT know.

I know how stressful SM is, and it sounds very much like you do too. FWIW, throughout the entire period I've been at the school, my teaching has been judged 2 or
1 most of the time. I had one RI just after the ofsted framework changed (internal ob) so no new HT is going to assume that your teaching isn't up to scratch simply because your current school is in SM.

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