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Help me be positive about applying for this job.

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eltsihT Fri 25-Apr-14 19:23:11

It's a perfect job. 2 days a week, permeant, 20 minutes drive. Excellent school.

What's the problem I hear you say.

The principal teacher and 1 member of staff of dept worked at a previous school. The principal teacher left the day after I started and I was given her classroom. It took me 3 years to clear out her junk. Lots of the staff moaned about how much pressure she put on them to complete progress charts, the pupils on the whole were not very complimentary about her. The other member of staff left a year later and we had very different teaching styles.

Anyone any experience of something like this. Permeant 0.4 don't come up very often so I need to get my head into a good place before applying.

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