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PPA on Mondays

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MrTumblesSpottyBag Mon 21-Apr-14 12:08:13

I'm after your thoughts on having your PPA on a Monday. If you have or have had ppa on Mondays, what happens when there is a bank holiday, inset day or similar? A colleague and I have our ppa then and it seems we are always missing out with days when we are not actually in school do we miss out that week. I don't want to be petty but it hardly seems fair. People who have their ppa midweek rarely get affected.

Any thoughts welcome!

Finola1step Mon 21-Apr-14 13:04:43

PPA in a Monday is rubbish. But you should still get it even if it falls on a Monday, Inset day whatever. In my school, PPA that is missed is paid back at a mutually suitable time. Same if a teacher is sent on a course and misses PPA. But not if because they are off sick.

So if you go back tomorrow, you should still get the PPA of 10% of this 4 day working week.

partystress Mon 21-Apr-14 16:16:34

I quite like Monday PPA. Makes the start of the week a bit more bearable. However, ours is split, so I do still get an hour later in the week - don't think I would like to have it all gone by end of Tues. However, I have never had it paid back in a bank holiday week. If we have an inset day, no-one gets PPA that week which always makes me feel angry because we have had cover teachers bored silly because they have no-one to cover.

KinkyDorito Mon 21-Apr-14 18:32:21

I'm in secondary and 2 of my 3 frees are on a Monday. Never thought about this before, but you have a very good point!!

MrTumblesSpottyBag Mon 21-Apr-14 22:02:56

Thanks everyone. I do feel a bit petty but 7 other teachers who get ppa tues to thurs don't miss out so regularly. Will mention it to my head I think.
Party - what is the thinking behind no ppa if there is an inset? Surely that is not allowed?! You are still teaching 4 days!

clam Mon 21-Apr-14 23:29:47

I'm feeling petty too - not about PPA, but about the fact that I 'only' work Tues to Thurs, yet all INSET days are Monday, plus most extra Bank Holidays, so I feel I lose out.

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