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First job application in 10 years- help!

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MrsKCastle Sun 20-Apr-14 23:28:11

OK, so I have been at the same school for many years, since I was an NQT and now attempting to fill out a job application- please help/reassure me!

Firstly, will it be ok that my GTC membership is in my maiden name? I never got it changed over, and I don't know if it's even possible now. Also, will the date I completed induction just be July of my NQT year? I don't seem to have a formal certificate or anything to prove this, although of course I did pass.

How interested will they really be in the courses I have attended recently? There's a section for that in the (online) form but I don't really have anything to list- only in-school INSETs.

Do I just need one name under references? I've worked at the same place for years so it's not as if there's different schools they could contact. And does it matter who I put? I don't have an obvious line manager, there are 2 people I could theoretically ask, so shall I just put the one I get on with the best? grin

Arrgh, a big part of me is hoping that I don't get called for interview, the thought of doing a demo lesson and interview fills me with dread!

NCFTTB Mon 21-Apr-14 01:23:55

Gtc is now obsolete so that's no longer an issue. 2 references from the same school is fine I believe if it's your current school and you've been there a long time. I think you need to list all CPD undertaken in the last 3 years: first aid, safeguarding etc. Good luck!

NCFTTB Mon 21-Apr-14 01:25:00

Also month and year of nqt completion is fine; that's all it says on the certificate.

breward Mon 21-Apr-14 08:19:42

Good luck with your application. I have just made my first application for a job in 20 years... I started as an NQT and stayed. There was no probationary year then so that was n/a on my application.

The one thing I did do was create an executive summary that matched up my skills to the person specification. I had never heard of an executive summary but I found it when I googled 'letter of application teaching.'

It was a really good exercise to write and made my letter of application very straight forward to do afterwards.

I was invited to interview within 24 hours of applying. My dd then found some (40 of them!) interview questions (online) that we went through the night before. Most of them came up in the interview... Just make sure you are up to date with safe guarding as that is always asked about.

I had to teach a lesson and have two interviews but schools tend to make you feel at ease. I got the job and can't wait to start in September! Good luck.

Serafinaaa Mon 21-Apr-14 08:27:54

For primary it is expected that your first reference is your current Head teacher. If you don't put him/her people might wonder what you are trying to hide. For secondary it might be different though as I don't suppose the head knows everyone well.

MrsKCastle Mon 21-Apr-14 09:00:22

Thanks everyone. Serafinaaa I don't think I can put the ht- although I'm in primary, the size and set up is much more like secondary. I'll just have to hope they understand that.

I also don't have the CPD list. I haven't been on any external courses in years and haven't kept a list of staff meetings/ inset trainings. I'll start doing that now ready for next time.

Think I'll just treat this application as a trial run really, not expecting anything to come from it but it'll be good practice.

TheFallenMadonna Mon 21-Apr-14 15:43:17

For a teaching job, you have to put your HT as one of your referees. I'd be surprised if it didn't specify that on the application notes. And most schools will take up the HT reference before calling you for interview. Two referees from the same school is fine.

MrsKCastle Mon 21-Apr-14 17:56:35

It definitely doesn't say that on the notes.

I'll put the ht name then, but there's no way they'll actually get a reference from him- it will be the DHT. I thought it would just save time putting her name directly!

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