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Music for St George's Day Assembly

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Lotstodo Sun 13-Apr-14 14:45:05

I'm a teacher in a secondary school and I have to present an assembly (my first) on St George. I'm trying to think of suitable non-hymn music to have as the students enter assembly and leave. It's got to appeal to the age group 11 - 18. I'm clueless and would be grateful evermore for any help.

Legologgo Sun 13-Apr-14 14:48:22

when the going gets tough

KatyMac Sun 13-Apr-14 14:49:19

Dam busters?

Something from WW2 (tipperary, pack up your troubles)?

umm War is Mars from the Planets (I think - I mean Mars is the God of War)

Something too do with Dragons (possibly not Puff tho')

England Football anthems?

stillenacht1 Sun 13-Apr-14 20:01:30

Jupiter from the Planets Suite

Nimrod (to leave to)

glenthebattleostrich Sun 13-Apr-14 20:07:34

Jerusalem? Something by a great English rock band (there are plenty to choose from) or perhaps the Kaisers since they have just released an album and may appeal to the age group.

glenthebattleostrich Sun 13-Apr-14 20:08:42

Sorry, just re read and saw the non hymn bit.

Tiredemma Sun 13-Apr-14 20:10:03


joanofarchitrave Sun 13-Apr-14 20:16:33

Local folk songs?

Round our way I might go for John Barleycorn Must Die or Arise and Pick a Posy here

But I can imagine a lot of confused faces...

yegodsandlittlefishes Sun 13-Apr-14 20:23:00

The American national anthem tune was wrirten by an Englishman. Or it could have been a Welshman, I'm not sure now. <helpful>

Land of Hope and Glory.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

FurryDogMother Sun 13-Apr-14 20:41:54

Loreena McKennit - Greensleeves
Chris de Burgh - Rose of England
Steven McDonald - Boadicea
Folkearth - Remember Hastings

Lotstodo Mon 14-Apr-14 13:42:47

Thank you all for your help. As it is my first assembly, I think I'm so nervous that I just can't think straight anyway.

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