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Feeling pressured by my boss...

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2kidsintow Tue 08-Apr-14 16:13:48

Long story short....
Was on 3 and a half days with Thurs pm and Friday off. Temporarily (stated as temporary in all my pay documentation) went up to 4 and a half (with Friday pm off) when another member of staff on maternity leave. Another member of staff also increased their hours to full time.

Was told I could probably return to my original hours but I offered to be flexible and stay anything between what I was on and what I am on now.

Things have now changed. Returning member of staff wants part time and the beginning of the week. Full time person would rather stay full time. I want to return to my hours that I was on.

Boss is asking me to change my hours. And has gone as far as telling the person who would like full time that they will be able to have that if I change my hours. She doesn't want to keep on the other person who has been covering my Friday pm.

I had no intention of changing my hours, have never used childcare on a Friday, feel that I shouldn't have to change to suit other people and would most probably rather I went back to my original hours. The boss is not happy with my dropping down to lower hours.


missmapp Tue 08-Apr-14 16:21:05

Does your boss want you to keep 4.5 days? I had this from my head- my children are in school, so the compromise is that I went in late on fri and left at 2.30pm so I could still do the drop off/pick up and not use child care on Friday- would this work for you??

However,please note my use of the past tense- this arrangement only lasted a year and I am now full time- it was a sneaky way to make me fulltime. i needed to do this as my husband was made redundant, so didnt fight it, but do fight if you can!!

elfycat Tue 08-Apr-14 16:22:36

So out of 3 of you, only you want no changes and you have to compromise?

Errr no. Just say. I'm happy with my usual hours and don't require any changes, except additions that help you within he days we've previously discussed. Please consider any other requests in light of this.

2kidsintow Tue 08-Apr-14 16:32:07

My boss wants to keep me in class as much as possible. Mentioned 4.5 days IN CLASS as an option, which is full time once PPA has been added in. I am far from ready to return full time as have a primary aged child and always promised myself that I would keep some way of doing their school run with them at least once a week. I also currently drop my child off before going into work and wouldn't be able to do this either.

Elfy - nail on head. I'm the one being asked to bend so two others can get what they want. I'm not terribly good at upsetting others or at saying no. So I will find it tricky to say no. The head will listen and take it well probably as she is approachable. The fact that I have upped my hours recently to help out won't have helped.

Unfortunately, the teacher I share with that I'd still share with doesn't seem to be held in much regard and doesn't have much of a rep for pulling their weight. It's been like sharing with a supply teacher rather than a job share.

I may need to just say no thanks. I offered to do anything between my old hours and my new hours, but can't commit to a change of days (and refused my previous head when asked) and then let her worry about it.

noblegiraffe Wed 09-Apr-14 08:19:29

Not your problem, you have your own child to think about before you start thinking about those of other teachers.

2kidsintow Wed 09-Apr-14 17:06:40

You are right.

I stripped the question right back to 'do I want to change my days?'. I've been asked that by my previous head and the answer was no. So I've stuck with that.

I messaged the boss last night and said as much. She's got back to me today to say it's all sorted. She's put stuff in place til the end of the academic year initially which means everyone involved is happy. Hurrah.

Thanks for the replies and letting me moan.

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