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catchy title for RE unit about the Bible

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Preparing for SIAMS, got to go through all the planning/paper work and make it all sparkly new and coordinated and I am looking for a catchy title for the unit on the bible that I will be teaching next term. Don't know what will be in it either, but that is another panic peaceful holiday day spent planning.
Any ideas? Last term's topic on How Christians Worship was entitled 'Praise Him With Cymbals' (quote from the bible)

AuntieStella Mon 07-Apr-14 12:14:02

"Of making many books there is no end" (Ecclesiastes)

Then you can link the flow of the Jewish Old Testament, to the Christian New and on to the Koran. Any good?

Just watch out for the next bit of the quotation 'and much study wearies the body."

blackcoffee Mon 07-Apr-14 15:32:40

The Word of the Lord

I like the Ecclesiastes ... The Word of the Lord would be more understandable for the children but maybe too Christian for the parents?

blackcoffee Mon 07-Apr-14 23:25:06

too Christian ... it's a unit on the Bible?

sashh Tue 08-Apr-14 06:36:40

Blood, Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sorry, I'm desperately trying to find something more suitable.

According to King James....

Report from the Council of Nicaea

InMySpareTime Tue 08-Apr-14 06:39:17

"Get your teeth into a Good Book"

meditrina Tue 08-Apr-14 06:42:43

Perhaps you could use quotation marks round it (John?): "The Word of the Lord" so that it becomes a quotation, rather than an assertion.

Then use the Ecclesiates verse as a subtitle.

Yes, the quotation marks would do it ... Blood Sodom and Gomorrah would definitely appeal to year 5 (but maybe not to the SIAMS inspector?) ... in fact I like all of them. I think I will go with Meditrina's suggestion ... maybe with InMySpareTime's idea on the back cover.

Now ::panic rising:: has anyone got any really fantastic, totally spiritual and memorable ways to start the topic and/or any ideas to include?

The thought of inspectors watching has, of course, completely paralysed my brain.

I had thought of giving small groups of children different stories to read and report back on, maybe with a small 'book report' giving the outline of the story, suggesting the genre etc and then we will discover they all come from the bible. I am collecting 66 cereal boxes and want to actually physically put different stories etc into them to reinforce the concept of a collection of books ... I need to think about how Christians use the bible ...

InMySpareTime Tue 08-Apr-14 08:55:33

Scripture Union have some great bible learning resources for children called "XStream", including a bible timeline and a lot of activity ideas. I use it for Sunday School for Y5 and 6.

Will look at this; thank you.

IHeartKingThistle Tue 08-Apr-14 14:15:40


The Good Book

is catchy, surely? Might spark discussion?

scrappydappydoo Tue 08-Apr-14 14:18:09

How about 'epic' as in its an epic and is epic imho

Thistledew Tue 08-Apr-14 14:31:21

In the beginning was the Word.

Goodness ... so many ideas now! I am going to find it really hard to choose!

PotteringAlong Thu 17-Apr-14 08:59:59

I call mine 'the big story'.

Have you seen the natre resource on it?

Thank you for the NATRE resource ... now looking for amazing teaching ideas ...

I have bought it ... if I priced my holidays by the hour, it would be an economical way of planning a new unit of work ...

PotteringAlong Sat 19-Apr-14 07:26:30

I got it when it was on Sale last year and have used all of it!

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