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Target Setting - Primary Writing

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VodkaRevelation Mon 07-Apr-14 11:22:58


I'm new to being writing coordinator at my primary school. We are looking at ways to improve target setting at the moment and I was hoping to get some idea of what other people are doing.

At present each child in my class has a list of level appropriate targets which they can flip out from the front cover of their book to refer to before, during and after writing. They have 2-3 targets highlighted at a time and have to tick each one off (once per piece of writing) 5 times before a new target is set. The children are getting the hang of the system and are able to identify their targets. I definitely need to think about the wording of them to make the whole thing more child friendly though!

Other classes do thinks a little differently. I would really like to find a system that works for the whole school (though of course it may need to be altered slightly for different year groups).

Would anyone mind sharing things they have tried that have been successful or, indeed, things that haven't really worked!

Many thanks...

VodkaRevelation Tue 08-Apr-14 08:26:40

Bump. Any thoughts at all appreciated.

rugbymum143 Thu 10-Apr-14 15:42:06

Hi at my school we set next step targets & this is throughout the school. We all use Lancashire grid writing descriptors to do this but the way they are given to the children varies. I teach in ks1 & although we use the same descriptors we use symbols rather than words. The children know what they need to do without it needing to be read or explained.

VodkaRevelation Fri 11-Apr-14 08:44:19

Thanks, Rugby. Are these next steps to work on the next piece of work or a next step target that stays with them until met a few times?

rugbymum143 Fri 11-Apr-14 11:28:16

Next step targets to be met over a few pieces of work. However in ks1 we do a diary write every Monday about their weekend so the children are not having to think so much about what they write but can concentrate on the nuts & bolts stuff. For these there is a target to be met the next week.

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