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How many applications did you make to get your NQT post?

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anchovies Fri 21-Mar-14 17:18:16

Just that really. I've submitted about 7 now, following the advice on TES and not even got shortlisted. Training in secondary science as well so supposedly a shortage subject! Starting to get a bit fed up sad

MirandaWest Fri 21-Mar-14 17:25:22

I had 13 interviews. Presume I made rather more applications. Hope the right post comes up for you soon.

Goblinchild Fri 21-Mar-14 17:29:13

Next mass resigning date is the end of May, so things may well perk up for you.
Secondary science, was that Chemistry, Biology or Physics? Could you handle GCSE maths as well?

Nojustalurker Fri 21-Mar-14 17:30:14

Have you as your mentor and professional tutor to read any of your applications?

BackforGood Fri 21-Mar-14 17:33:08

Erm....the school I did my final Teaching Prac on asked for me.... (sorry!)

ChocolateSnowflakes Fri 21-Mar-14 17:35:17

I'm glad someone's asked this, I'm starting to lose faith!

Goblinchild Fri 21-Mar-14 18:00:53

Are you not aware that teachers resign at the half term, to leave at the end of the term? As a minimum requirement? Some tell their school before that, many don't.
So there will be a large number of people resigning at the end of May, and their jobs will be advertised in May or June.

Technical Fri 21-Mar-14 18:12:42

We are interviewing NQTs for Sep ATM but we were exceptionally early (for us) advertising this year. There will be many more positions advertised.

Are you getting interviews?

LadybirdsEverywhere Fri 21-Mar-14 19:00:10


FieryChipotle Fri 21-Mar-14 19:23:33

Have you tailored your letter to each individual school? I've read a lot of generic applications, and they are swiftly discarded. It really depends what you can offer... Can you teach more than one subject? Can you offer a particular unusual skill that could be utilised as an extra curricular club?

colander Fri 21-Mar-14 20:14:59

From memory...and this is a long time ago now....I got the job at the fifth interview I went to. I was second at three of them - very frustrating - withdrew from one on the day as I realised I could never work there, and then got the fifth. I am secondary science too - the area of the country will make a difference, as will whether you are bio chem or phys. Read theo griff's advice on tes and keep going. As others have said, after may half term there will be more jobs around and (mostly) only nqts that can apply. Good luck.

blueemerald Fri 21-Mar-14 20:34:45

Two. I got an interview for the first and offered the second. I was applying to special schools though so it's a bit niche. In my tutor group at uni (25 people doing a secondary English PGCE) people went for anything from 1-15 interviews with many more applications.

Feenie Fri 21-Mar-14 20:38:16

Eighty plus - all handwritten because I am old. My LEA was going through reorganisation the year I qualified so there was a lot of competition due to redeployment.

Goblinchild Fri 21-Mar-14 20:41:04

Feenie, mine were all hand-written in lovely italic too, I don't miss writing reports like that!
I applied for three jobs and got three interviews, accepted the second job.
It was a different time, way back when.
Second time, exactly the same thing.

Makingchanges Fri 21-Mar-14 20:41:44

Applied for over 60. think I had just short of 20 interviews and took two years to get my nqt year after a few term long supply posts and lots and lots of daily supply. Just perservere. its hard but worth it. Primary by the way.

Goblinchild Fri 21-Mar-14 20:45:41

I think this thread is very useful for all those that think the struggle is over once they've done their PGCE. Thanks OP.

Feenie Fri 21-Mar-14 20:47:50

Second interview grin

Oh my God, had completely forgotten what a fricking nightmare handwritten reports were!

Goblinchild Fri 21-Mar-14 20:51:51

I try and find some fragments of consolation in this barbaric century.
Not having purple fingers is another joy, or being covered in chalk dust.

rollonthesummer Fri 21-Mar-14 20:57:37

I only applied for two. I got offered an interview at both schools and was offered the job after the first interview, so withdrew from the second. That was rather a long time ago now though, things are obviously much harder now sad

noblegiraffe Fri 21-Mar-14 21:32:38

If you're not getting an interview for science, you really need someone to review your letter.

I applied for one, didn't get an interview, then realised my letter was boring as anything (I'm not good at selling myself). I rewrote it making it sound really dynamic, got 2 interviews one after the other on my next two applications and got the first one so withdrew from the 2nd.

knitknack Fri 21-Mar-14 21:33:45

One - it really is the luck of the draw I think!!

suze28 Sat 22-Mar-14 07:10:24

I'm primary, applied for ten, got three interviews and was offered the job at the third interview. I did teach a lesson at another school but didn't get shortlisted for the afternoon interviews after the lesson.
Are you in placement at the moment? Can the HT look at your application? That's what I did and it really helped. Having said that each school is so different it depends what they're after. Keep going with the applications.

MrsYoungSalvoMontalbano Sat 22-Mar-14 08:57:30

Is there an internal candidate?. I know several School Direct PGCEs on my course (salaried and unsalaried route who have been offered NQT jobs for Sept in their schools, but the schools 'had' hmm to advertise and interview external candidates, but surprise, surprise, the internal candidate was a shoe-in...

TheFallenMadonna Sat 22-Mar-14 09:00:32

What science specialism?

And yes, make sure your placement school HOD and head have read your letter.

ChocolateSnowflakes Sat 22-Mar-14 09:25:32

MrsYoung that's interesting. The school I done my first placement at is advertising but I'm aware that there is already a salaried school direct BT there. I don't know whether it's worth my time and energy applying or not if they already know that the job will be going to her. It takes me two full days to complete an application!

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