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Approaching DDs school about class behaviour.

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Mendeleyev Thu 20-Mar-14 20:10:06

Hi. DDs teacher has been off since before Xmas. DD is in yr 4. The class have had supply teachers ever since. Some they have had for as long as 2 weeks. Others have been odd days here and there. Went for parents evening and saw the head. I raised concerns about reading level of the books she was given which she agreed were justified. Dd seems to be making good progress.

However DD is forever coming home with tales of bad behaviour. Today she says she has done little work and spent the day reading and dodging flying elastic bands. I know she is a fusspot and drama queen to some extent but the consistent tales are getting me down. I don't know any other parents of children in her class to ask if they have heard anything. A friend of mine knows someone with a child in the same class and so she is going to do some digging.

If the tales are corroborated how would you handle it? I'm a teacher myself but secondary so the long term absence of a staff member would not have the same impact in a child as this is having. I have already been in ince to express my disquiet about the lack of stability (this was 2 weeks after Xmas) and I don not want to be causing trouble.

Littlefish Thu 20-Mar-14 22:48:37

I think as the teacher has been off since Christmas, and there is still no consistency, you would be well within your rights to go back into school and ask what the plan is for the next half term.

I suspect from what you've said that the teacher concerned is being signed off for a couple of weeks at a time which means that the HT is unable to advertise for a longer term supply replacement.

However, the HT should have a plan. Explain once more that you are concerned that about the negative effect the lack of consistency is having on your dd and that she is unhappy about the behaviour in the class (give as many examples as you can).

If the HT is not able to give you details of their plan, then I would consider writing to the governors about your concerns.

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