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Independent School Salaries

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Aldwick Mon 10-Mar-14 16:46:50

I know it's a 'how long is a piece of string' question but it is so impossible to gather info on salaries in independent schools that I am hoping the collective wisdom of mumsnet might be able to help.
Currently living in London but for family reasons looking to relocate South West. I can't see our outgoings decreasing substantially so just wondering if the drop in income would be massive?
If anyone can give me an indication I would be very grateful.

GW297 Mon 10-Mar-14 21:05:01

I think most independent schools pay the same or slightly more than state schools.

Aldwick Mon 10-Mar-14 21:20:20

Thanks for your response. In London independent salaries are definitely in excess of the state sector.

Presumably state salaries are lower in more rural areas so do you think independent salaries also adjust accordingly?

Finding it so hard to work out if this is viable when salaries are so shrouded in secrecy.

kickassangel Mon 10-Mar-14 21:29:04

Based on one school I know in York the private schools paid less than state schools. And yes, there is a drop in state school salaries outside of London.

Many private schools negotiate salaries so it will depend in experience and how much they want you.

I would assume that housing would be cheaper outside if London but some other things cost more.

Loveleopardprint Mon 10-Mar-14 21:34:33

Private schools are struggling in the south west. I doubt that salaries would be much more than state school pay down here. Also there is little movement in schools and staff tend to stay in a job once they have one. Sorry to be so negative.

Aldwick Mon 10-Mar-14 21:52:15

Don't apologise at all - all very helpful - thank you. So hard to make the call between a decent salary and quality of life and green space for my own children. Starting to wonder if a boarding school might be the way forward. I spent my gap year in one and loved it.

colander Mon 10-Mar-14 22:32:39

I get paid about 5% more in my independent school. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I am secondary. I have heard that small prep schools will pay less than state. I would imagine the big public schools may pay more, but that is just my opinion!

Aldwick Mon 10-Mar-14 22:40:43

I'm also looking at secondary. Can I ask roughly which part of the country you are in?

Aldwick Mon 10-Mar-14 22:44:27

Currently middle management and paid probably at least 15% more than state sector with very generous fee remission and other benefits. It makes it very hard to leave but money isn't everything - as long as it is viable and we don't end up struggling.

80sMum Mon 10-Mar-14 22:51:35

It's impossible to generalise. It depends on the financial circumstances of the school and the attitude of the management body.

ash1971 Mon 10-Mar-14 23:15:20


ash1971 Mon 10-Mar-14 23:20:58

Try again- bloomin phone - I applied to a small secondary Independent in Gloucestershire and was told, during the interview, that they could not meet the state sector salary (I'm UPS3). Cld've just been an excuse of course!

ash1971 Mon 10-Mar-14 23:22:17

Try again- bloomin phone - I applied to a small secondary Independent in Gloucestershire and was told, during the interview, that they could not meet the state sector salary (I'm UPS3). Cld've just been an excuse of course!

BackforGood Mon 10-Mar-14 23:22:34

In state education, teachers in London get a 'London Allowance' on top of the National salary (I think there's 'inner London weighting', and 'outer London weighting' - to match the fact that the cost of everything from housing to haircuts, travel to a round in the pub is more expensive in London). So, living elsewhere means you get the normal main or Upper payscale but don't have to pay London prices for accommodation and everything else.

My only experience of Private school teachers salaries is through one person who looked at several jobs in Private schools (Primary tho, not secondary) and she found quite a few wanted to pay less than she was on in maintained, but some would match the salary. She never heard of any that were offering more - although she understands there are perks like reduced fees, but her dc are now too old for the school.
Likes the fact you don't pay into the tea fund though wink

superstarheartbreaker Tue 11-Mar-14 01:09:21

Just don't work in the private school I worked in fgs. They haven't payed me properly.

Aldwick Tue 11-Mar-14 08:32:07

Not paying into the tea fund would definitely help make up some of the short fallwink

colander Wed 12-Mar-14 17:27:45

I am in the south east, but not the area covered by any London weighting. Plus we do have the massive benefit of a 50% discount which makes a huge difference. Longer holidays, but longer teaching days so I would imagine the hours work out about the same. A friend who works in a different school near me gets a 2% lift above the state sector. Hth

teacherlikesapples Sun 16-Mar-14 17:12:09

The independent schools I applied for paid less than London state schools but had more holidays & other perks smile

Noggie Sun 16-Mar-14 17:19:19

I get 2% more than equivalent state school teacher.

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