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what else can I do? Just want to work in education.

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wishinguponmanystars Sat 08-Mar-14 14:15:01

Hi all

Just wanted some advice really. I have always wanted to work in school as a teacher one day but in the meantime as a TA with a keen interest in SEN and have been applying for jobs for quite some time now with very few interviews. My application forms have been checked by various people and looked ok but will continue to try and improve. I know it is very competitive and lack of paid work may be the reason but has anyone any advice on how I can better my chances?

My background is -
5 Gcse's
Math Level 2
Level 3 qualifications for Teaching Assistant and Special Educational Needs
Few training courses all related to children
Level 4 completed in Education currently on the 2nd year of my degree
First aid trained

I run a club for children (for about 4/5 years now), have worked with children with disabilities and additional needs and worked in school for 3/4 years. All voluntary.

schneebly Sat 08-Mar-14 14:21:41

I work in an SEN school. Your voluntary experience along with your existing qualifications may enable you to get onto your LA supply register and then you'd probably stand a better chance when the next job came up. You could try agencies too...although they tend to take a hefty wage administration fee. Hope this helps a little. Good luck smile

bigbuttons Sat 08-Mar-14 14:27:57

I think the thing is that it's really tough out there at the moment. There are so many people applying for each job.
I am a fully qualified teacher who took a long break to bring up my children. It took me nearly a year to get a job and I think that was only because i had worked as a volunteer in the my present school. I am currently an INA/supply teacher in my school and the contract is only temporary!
Just keep on applying, good luck!

wishinguponmanystars Sat 08-Mar-14 14:40:06

Thanks for replying.

I had not thought of that thanks Schneebly I will look into that.

I have had schools saying 60-90 applicants sad. I live in a small town so not always much here and have been applying in the local area.

I think due to my course (need a placement within school) and the fact my current income stops completely in a few months I am just starting to panic. I am applying for a job at a school who know me which would be ideal so fingers crossed and I also have the possibility of a job outside of education again fingers crossed. Just hard trying to find 16 hours plus of work or 24 hours if in school as well as making sure it does not conflict with my course or placement hours. I just want to make sure I cover all bases and do as much as I can in the meantime.

FlumpsRule Sat 08-Mar-14 14:44:56

Have you tried FE college? 16-19 year olds have same needs & TA/support staff are valued with opportunities to gain experience teaching within study skills areas. There may be vacancies for sessional staff while you are still applying for schools.

LuvMyBoyz Thu 13-Mar-14 04:05:44

I have just employed 2 secondary SEN TAs. There were 90 plus applications, 25 suitable candidates (similar to yourself with appropriate recent qualifications and experience/votary work) 11 invited to interview. After tasks and interviews there were 3 who I would have employed and the top 2 took the job. It's tough out there so keep going.

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