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shall I apply for this job?

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energyfirst Sun 02-Mar-14 07:52:45

I work with 30-40 min drive from home. there is a job advert which sounds really interesting but it is in a school 35-50 min drive ( depends on traffic). I work full time and the job advertised is full time as well. My cons are: better key stage teaching (age range up to KS4 KS5), a bigger department ( more dynamic environment?), maybe better pay (?). My prons: perhaps a longer journey? not sure - Would have to check in real time, google says 5 more min more but the real time will be longer time as it is going INTO London, risking my security I have now with the fact that I would need to go on a probation period, we cannot plan DC3 as in a new environment it is better to stay 2 years before filling you are more secure.
I have two DC and my priority is to get back from work so that I can be with them, so also not sure what demands would be with after school commitments in a new place.

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