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Are these TLR responsibilities?

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joydarville Sun 23-Feb-14 10:03:56

I'm through UPS 1 but I don't have a TLR.
I'm a secondary teacher.

This year I have been asked to teach a syllabus we haven't run before.
So I have done all the reading on the syllabus, have moderated everything, arranged for the exam entries, written SOL etc.
My HOD wants long, medium and individual lesson plans written up and copies of all of them, this is so she can cover herself if anyone asks what's going on because she doesn't get involved in it at all.

Also I line manage two members of staff and we employ outside staff on an Ad Hoc basis, we currently have 5 of these people and I line manage them too.

Are these, either or both, TLR responsibilities?

ladymalfoy Sun 23-Feb-14 10:15:22

Don't know about the line management of peripatetic staff but you should be writing schemes of work anyway.
I know it's a pain but you have to to meet the current standards for teachers.
I had this problem with a member of my department who refused to contribute any work at all.
She expected all schemes and lessons to be planned for her despite being a subject specialist.
You can change your schemes to 'read only' so the powers that be are aware you wrote them if that makes it less of a drag for you.
Failing that if your line manager isn't your HOD speak to them about what you are doing.
If you do get a TLR they will expect you to work even harder for it.

ladymalfoy Sun 23-Feb-14 10:26:29

You should also be using the extra work you are undertaking as evidence towards targets in your Performance Management.
Check your current targets and see if you've met any already as this can be used in meetings to prove you are going that little bit further with the line management of staff.
Do you feel you are an unofficial second in department?
You have to speak to someone about what you are doing and what you expect in return.
SLT might not know what you're doing and you may have had the line management of peris foisted on you by your HOD.

joydarville Sun 23-Feb-14 10:34:31

I wouldn't mind working more if I had a TLR, in fact i would welcome it.
It's the extra work I do but don't receive the remuneration that frustrates me.

I have already met all of my performance management targets for the year.

I am absolutely unofficial second in department.
SLT do know I'm line managing staff, during a recent conversation with the Head she mentioned it!

ladymalfoy Sun 23-Feb-14 12:52:02

In that case you need to get pro active and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are middle management material.
Gather all your evidence together that proves you've met your PM targets plus other evidence to show even though you've met them you are still improving.
Provide evidence of what you are doing to support the department and the HOD.
Evidence of how and why you are line managing the peri's, and how they WITH YOUR GUIDANCE are enhancing the dept.
You need to prove you are indispensable and refer to your job description but find ways of showing you aren't just complying with the 'reasonable requests' bit that gets the school more bang for their buck and takes the piss of the good will of all teachers.
Make an appointment with the HT to present this and tell your line Manager that you are doing it.
In my experience most LMs don't tell the HT half of what's going on the the depts they are supposed to manage.
If you have a link Governer then approach them and ask if you can run your presentation by them before you see the HT.
It will make them feel included and give you more leverage should your request to be promoted go before the Governers.
You could even volunteer to appear before the Governers with a presentation that tells them what is happening in your dept but if you do that make sure you are emphasing and highlighting what YOU are doing and how it is enriching the dept.
It's all politics and you need to play by their rules to get what you want.
If you still aren't being rewarded or acknowledged for your work look elsewhere.
You obviously have the experience or are gaining it to run your own department.
Finally,if you've got recent obs from ofsted that prove you are a good or outstanding teacher use that too.

TheFallenMadonna Sun 23-Feb-14 15:20:49

UPS does involve leadership and management responsibilities in implementing policy and practice in your subject area (and whole school for UPS3). This is a conversation I have had to have a few times!

Does your department have a TLR structure, or is there just a HoD?

How can you have met all your appraisal targets for this year already? Have you had a mid term review?

EvilTwins Sun 23-Feb-14 16:07:06

I am Head of Dept. That is a TLR thing.

I also oversee Primary Liaison and Extra-Curricular activities across the whole school. That is part of bring paid UPS.

Writing SOW etc is definitely not TLR - worthy.

What subject is it? Do other depts have 2nd in dept posts? Could you argue the case based on what other depts do?

VioletStar Sun 23-Feb-14 16:26:23

Interesting this one. I do very similar stuff to you OP but as I am on UPS3 it goes with the territory. I don't get TLR for it, but then being on UPS I am paid more anyway. We don't get TLRs for 2nd in dept - even in the 'big' subjects such as Science and Maths. There, people have the honorary title and responsibility to give them experience for going for HOD jobs (imagine the rush to apply for that one!)

joydarville Sun 23-Feb-14 17:00:54

Thanks everyone.

lady in fact, I've been thinking it might be time to look elsewhere.
Although I will probably look next year for Sept '15 for family reasons.

The Head is very aware of what I do because she often asks me to attend meetings to give information.
I also have further whole school responsibilities that I haven't written about here in case I out myself.
I do know a couple of the governors so I could do that but as I've written it down I realise that the writing is on the wall really.

fallen I have already met my appraisal targets for this year as my HOD gave me targets I would automatically meet, just by turning up and doing my job because she has 'better things to be doing than chasing me for this CPD nonsense'.
Those are her words.

joydarville Sun 23-Feb-14 17:09:40

It's also probably worth saying that I have written all the schemes of work already.
A few weeks ago my HOD presented me with a new format she wants them in, which is extra work. I wish she'd given them to me in September.

Is line managing a few staff a TLR responsibility in your schools?

TheFallenMadonna Sun 23-Feb-14 17:39:54

You need to be careful with your targets, because if your line manager changes before you want to progress to UPS2, you will need to demonstrate that you have met the standards for two years. You need to have challenging targets really.

I think your dissatisfaction is with a HoD that you don't have much respect for. Is there any scope for promotion in your current school? I would be looking for a HoD role myself in your position.

tethersend Sun 23-Feb-14 19:36:30

Check the changes to teachers' pay which came into force in September. Governing bodies (pay comittees) can now set their own pay scales, with only a minimum and maximum amount stipulated- TLRs I think remain unchanged for now, but pay and specifically pay progression is not as straightforward as it was.

tethersend Sun 23-Feb-14 19:37:59


Tsk grin

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