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between jobs: examining? Tutoring?

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Florizel Sun 16-Feb-14 13:34:15

I'm not working at the moment - we moved house for DH's job - so some cash would really help and I'd like to keep my hand in professionally but don't want to do supply. I've taught the IB English Lit A course for several years and I'm mostly a big fan. I sent off the application form this morning. Anyone done IB examining?

If that fails, or perhaps as well if I can face it, I'll try to examine CIE A-level, which I've also been teaching recently so any experiences with them would be very welcome too. A hundred 10 years ago on maternity leave I marked OCR AS.

I know the other thing I could be doing is private tutoring - is it a better idea to join one of the agencies or go it alone with local ads/gumtree?

ImperialBlether Sun 16-Feb-14 18:56:09

I think GCSE English is the one to go for with tutoring. Agencies will be a good move (you don't have to pay) though you can advertise on Gumtree etc, too.

The problem with A level marking is that (in England at any rate) there are no January exams now and recruitment will have been done for the summer. You could look out to see whether they are advertising for more examiners. All of my examining is done online and it's really awful - very, very hard on my eyes. I can't imagine marking A level English essays online.

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