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School Trip info pack help - Europe, KS4...anyone?

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ravenAK Sun 16-Feb-14 00:17:46

I'm running a trip to a European destination in a few weeks & need to put together an info pack for parents.

Although I've been on plenty of trips, this is the first overseas one I've been wholly responsible for, & I'm drowning in marking & other stuff, so worried I'll cock this particular job up!

I've sorted an itinerary, a code of conduct, there'll be a page for school contact info etc, & am looking online for a packing list I can tweak. Anything else I need to include?

All suggestions gratefully received. I've pencilled in tomorrow to get the damn thing at least drafted - next week's frantic & I need to get this sent out before we break up for half term.

LoopyDoopyDoo Sun 16-Feb-14 00:22:21

Itinerary including accom. contact details
Release form
Insurance details
Request for copy of passport and EHIC card
Packing list - including max. spending money
Info re students with ongoing medication
Emergency mobile (you're taking a school mobile?)
More detailed info re where you are going?
Are you doing a journal/workbook type thing when you're there?
What sort of activities are you doing? Perhaps some things based on this

ravenAK Sun 16-Feb-14 00:44:47


Already got consent forms (includes med. details), copies of passport & EHICs, & am busily copying & pasting bumf from company website re: where we're going.

Trip is tailored for us, so I'm having to grab bits from different parts of their site.

will be taking a school mobile I imagine - always do in the UK - but they're elderly Nokia 3310s so I'll need to check with school that they actually work abroad!

No workbooks etc, it's a jolly/enrichment, although linked to their GCSE Latin/Classics. which I'm not teaching this year - I've just ended up in charge as colleague who IS teaching the course is nearing retirement &, whilst happy to come along, CBA doing the admin...hmm

what do I need re: insurance details?

You've been very helpful. Thanks again smile.

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Sun 16-Feb-14 00:54:12

Details about drop off and pick up after and how you will notify of delays. How much cash is needed. What food they need ie packed lunch for journey.

LoopyDoopyDoo Sun 16-Feb-14 05:52:50

Oooh, are you going to Rome? I took a school trip there once.

If so, city map and transport map, just in case?

LoopyDoopyDoo Sun 16-Feb-14 05:54:04

Could you do a photo comp / exhibition afterwards? I like to keep them focused on the magic of trips!

Littleturkish Sun 16-Feb-14 06:05:43

Telephone tree for notifying parents of delays/issues
Take a photo (copy and paste) from the airline website of the luggage size restrictions
Snack suggestions
Expectations of behaviour and consequences for misbehaviour (not normally needed- but always good to chuck in there)
Suggested phone use (ie not used to contact home constantly, social media not needed during the trip, safer to leave in safe in room rather than out with you)

If you want to message me for my email I'm happy to look over what you've done. Not sure if I have my one I use at home but I can try to find it to send it back?

LoopyDoopyDoo Sun 16-Feb-14 06:18:51

Good point re luggage - not just size restriction but hand luggage contents too.

Littleturkish Sun 16-Feb-14 07:46:21

I always do a photo comp and give out prizes whilst we wait for the flight! Passes that dead time in the airport!

But I wouldn't put that in the info pack.

Also- reminder about medicines. We need everything labeled and on the child.

scaevola Sun 16-Feb-14 07:52:04


Alcohol rules.

ravenAK Sun 16-Feb-14 08:07:08

Excellent suggestions, thanks.

Yes loopydoo, Rome & Naples.

Littleturkish - trip twitter set up for daily cheery message to parents & for notifying delays. Small group so telephone tree will be informal. Good idea re: info on luggage restrictions.

Re: medicines, should I be looking after them, or the students? what about epipens, should I have a spare in addition to the one the student carries?

Phones etc - I'm advising bringing an old phone for emergency contact rather than their iphones & sundry tablets, but I expect to be roundly ignored on that one. will be making it clear at meeting that if they run up huge overseas charges or drop it down Vesuvius, that's between them & their parents.

Have got behaviour expectations & yes alcohol/smoking ban scaevola - happy memories of pouring several litres of ouzo down hotel sinks whilst touring Greece ten years ago!

How about cash? I'm assuming they can all load up prepaid cards or use debit cards these days, rather than me having to dole out daily spends from a giant wedge of notes?

It's been a few years since I did forrin parts with kids...

Thanks for offer to look over it Littlefish; I may well take you up on that smile

LoopyDoopyDoo Sun 16-Feb-14 08:12:45

Re medical stuff, you need to check with school. You can't administer medicine, but it might be safer for you to store it. Have you had epipen training?

LoopyDoopyDoo Sun 16-Feb-14 08:14:02

And at that age, I'd not be responsible for their money at all. In the parents meeting, remind them that a large amount of cash is a bad plan, that cash cards might be a better idea, but take no responsibility yourself.

ravenAK Sun 16-Feb-14 17:35:21

Yup, we do epipen training annually, although I've never actually jabbed anyone...

Thanks again, v helpful.

TeenAndTween Sun 16-Feb-14 18:08:58

DD currently on an MFL trip. This will be her third and they are always excellently organised.

Well in advance we had:
- hotel balcony rules
- equipment guide (incl luggage, clothing, toiletries, medicine, electrical equipment)
- general code of conduct
- sanctions
- insurance summary

We had to fill out a form about 4mnths in advance with passport etc details.

A week or so before we had to hand in Passport and EHIC card

A couple of weeks in advance there was a meeting and handout for parents. This included:
- when / where to arrive
- outward flight details
- trip leader contact numbers
- hotel details
- HELP statement and LOST statement ( which pupils are also given on cards)
- day by day itinary, including when they will need money eg buy own lunch, chance to shop, visit theme park etc, approx total money needed
- return flight details
- approx arrival time back at school (pupils phone parents when near to allow minimum waiting)

As I said, this is her 3rd trip. Always have the same level of information, surely your school have done trips before you can copy from???

ravenAK Sun 16-Feb-14 19:30:02

You'd think, wouldn't you...grin.

I'm all sorted re: passport details etc.

I just needed to produce the handout for parents' meeting, & whilst I regularly run UK residentials, it's the first time I've taken a group abroad. So my usual UK handout wasn't going to do, & the nearest I had to hand to tweak was for skiing-by-coach - so lots about not falling off ski-lifts, not so good on air travel.

If I'd been at work I'd have yelled for help in the staffroom, but honestly, I couldn't be starting from scratch with it day goes meeting teach teach meeting teach teach lunchtime club teach teach meeting.

So it has been enormously helpful to pick a few brains on here & I now have handout drafted & slide presentation sorted. Thanks for your list too, it's reassured me that I've included everything needful.

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