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So yesterday my lesson was deemed Inadequate because...

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AHardDaysWrite Sat 15-Feb-14 10:19:54

...the kids were completing their end of unit assessment so I can mark them over half term.

Drop-in by HMI. He missed the first 20 mins where we reviewed the kids' previous assessment feedback, looked at the criteria for the next level they're working towards and they set themselves targets. He came in just as they'd started writing. Stayed for 15 mins (during which time I'm circulating, checking kids' work, answering their questions etc). He looked in their books (all marked up to date - all with levels, targets, positive feedback from me, peer assessment, self assessment etc). Then he left. He told my Head it was inadequate because he hadn't seen progress in that time.

My (lovely) Head told me not to worry - he's seen me teach loads of times. He knows I'm not inadequate. But seriously - are we not meant to do any extended writing now? How am I meant to give pupils an accurate writing level (I teach English) if they don't actually write? Does he not realise that when they get to GCSE, these pupils will have to write for two hours solid - when are they meant to build up stamina for that if they shouldn't write for 15 mins?

Aargh. Rant over...

morethanpotatoprints Sat 22-Feb-14 23:32:20

Do they not look at your plan or sow to see what you are doing and why?
What an idiot, I was a teacher but got out whilst the going was good grin.
I'm not sure how you could have shown progress there, and if you were answering questions relating to the work then the dc were learning.
In fact several could have needed the answer that one person asked, they are hardly going to keep asking once it was answered angry stupid man!

Helenagrace Sun 23-Feb-14 09:03:59

I can't do clicky links on my phone but this is the document: guidance.doc&refer=0#_Toc375561728_Hlt373481070_Hlt373481070

Page 18 refers to teaching. It doesn't specifically say there isn't a need to see progress in a lesson but it does suggest that the lessons are to be seen in the context of progress within the subject. This has definitely been what the inspectors have been trained to do - we have just recruited a very recently retired Ofsted inspector as a governor.

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