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YoullNeedATray Fri 14-Feb-14 20:21:18

Nuff said.


fatcheeks1 Sat 15-Feb-14 07:42:47

I know, I need this so much.I have been counting down the days for the past 2 weeks, I am so going to enjoy :>)
Hope everyone has a good break.

winklewoman Sat 15-Feb-14 07:58:06

If anyone deserves a good half term, Fatcheeks, it is you.

Makingchanges Sun 16-Feb-14 09:39:06

We had ofsted in on last two days of term, never been so please for half term.

FunkyBoldRibena Sun 16-Feb-14 09:49:47

I know - I am in tomorrow for training [boo] and then off all week. Going to be at the community garden every day - outside and loving it. Rain or shine. Bring it on.

cardibach Sun 16-Feb-14 19:23:42

Mines not until next week sad

LuvMyBoyz Mon 17-Feb-14 06:04:46

Yay! Half term.

FourArms Mon 17-Feb-14 10:39:31

I was soooooo tired - slept for 14h on Thu night (5pm -7am) and have had another couple of 10h stints over the w/e. Can't wind down though so going to get my marking done today smile

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Mon 17-Feb-14 10:45:06

I am so ready. Dilemma, house looks like crazy hoarders have moved in, but I'm fucked. Do I spend the week cleaning or relaxing?

FourArms Mon 17-Feb-14 10:53:40

We spent the weekend clearing a path to our bedroom (dressing room had been taken over by DHs stuff as he downsized his weekday living space!)

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Mon 17-Feb-14 11:03:41

We have contents of DM's flat. Sad that a life is reduced to so little, but pragmatically, WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO WITH IT ALL?

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