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progressing in music teaching career

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life1000 Tue 11-Feb-14 14:50:54

just watching how other teachers get more responsibilities, get more confident. I have been in school for 8 years and still a teacher. I have not applied for other responsibilities since I am not a form tutor ( due to my commitment to play in assmeblies, I cannot have a form. I am sometimes used as cover for a form teacher, some people say it is good not to have a form...yes...but on the other hand I do not have a ladder to step up. Unless looking for special other responsibilities but cannot think of any that do not relate to being a form tutor-head of year etc...

EvilTwins Tue 11-Feb-14 23:02:07

How many music teachers are there? There is only one in my school and whilst I am HoD (performing arts covering music & drama), she is subject leader. Can you not go up the department route?

life1000 Sat 15-Feb-14 10:32:24

2 more teachers. They are established there, have been for a long time

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