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College of Teaching Standards

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rollonthesummer Mon 10-Feb-14 23:00:46

Have you seen this?


I can't work out what it's for? The article says it says it would be voluntary-who would pay to join it?

I can't quite see what it would offer? I presume they could commission research and studies into education, but these would very easily be ignored by Gove as he appears to ignore any other research.

The article says the college could expel members for misconduct; how would they do this if membership is voluntary and you haven't joined? Is it like being struck off as a doctor and being unable to work again? Even if you didn't ever join?

It is pegged as being a voice for the teachers, bt the unions are a voice for the teachers and don't seem to be very effective. Am I missing the point? What will they actually do?

I want education to be taken out of the policitian's hands completely and be planned and decided by a group of ex-teachers/experts in education who aren't trying to make a name for themselves by bringing in something new and exciting. That isn't what this is though, is it!?

WestmorlandSausage Mon 10-Feb-14 23:25:18

ah I see the suggestion is a 'college of teaching' not a college of teaching standards.

Perhaps they are modelling the idea on the recently formed 'College of Social Work' which is set up in a pretty similar way to what it seems is being suggested.

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