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Is it worth it?

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superstarheartbreaker Tue 04-Feb-14 22:59:01

I do love teaching but I am tired and I wNt to go to bed but have to plan and do reports....yuck!
So far my bf has left as he doesn't get the crazy workload and I hardly see dd. so is this teaching malarkey worth it?

Philoslothy Wed 05-Feb-14 01:22:14

I am weeks away from giving birth and knocked, I have just finished working at 1 am having started at 8am. I have however had a lovely day as I do everyday. In just over a week I will have a full week off to read books and be with my children So yes it is worth it IMO

Philoslothy Wed 05-Feb-14 01:22:40

Knackered, not knocked, although I am knocked up and knackered.

GoodnessIsThatTheTime Wed 05-Feb-14 01:37:28

I've just finished for tomorrow and I'm only part time. Not sure what else I'd do!!

rollonthesummer Wed 05-Feb-14 07:56:24

I have always loved the job and the holidays have made up for the stress and paperwork but not any more. The last 18 months have just about finished me off. If Gove touches the working conditions any more, I'm out. I'd rather stack shelves.

LurkingCinners Thu 06-Feb-14 19:27:58

That is the question I ask myself right now, after being in a new job since Monday.
Had a hellish day. Why do I put my own child into childcare to try and teach children who don't want to learn anything, are rude and disrespectful? Why spend hours preparing?

The nice classes in between don't seem to make up for the anger I've built up.
If things continue this way I'd rather stack shelves too. Totally pissed off today.

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