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Primary Teachers - what makes a good TA?

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BronzeHorseman Mon 03-Feb-14 18:31:46

Seeing as there is a secondary school thread for this, Primary School teachers what do you find makes a good TA for your class?

rollonthesummer Mon 03-Feb-14 19:03:06

Speaks to the children in a quiet voice.
Doesn't have long conversations with other TAs whilst I'm talking, rather than working with children.
Doesn't looking out of the window rather than working with the children.
Is positive with the children and doesn't roll their eyes and moan when asked to do something that might be a bit messy/cold or just something they don't fancy.

This is only one TA I've worked with though-most have been fantastic and wouldn't do any of those things! The one I work with this year is just instinctive about what she needs to do/what I need her to do/what the children need-it's a real partnership.

overmydeadbody Mon 03-Feb-14 23:03:34

Don't sit down at the back of the class and observe me teaching a whole class input, go and do something useful from the endelss list of jobs that need doing!

Don't chat to to other adults/TAs/kids while I am talking or trying to teach.

Do actually look at the plans if the teacher gives them to you, then you might know what is going on and how best to help.

If the teacher asks you to do sometihng every day, don't only do it on the days she asks you, do it every day without being asked!

If the teacher has shown you a system for where she puts sheets to be photocopied and laminated, and asked you to do it every day at 11:30, for goodness sake do it everyday, unless there is an emergency. Don't forget all about it until you are next reminded.

Use your initiative, you are meant to be assisting the teacher in her teaching!!

Don't shout at children for just being children, just because you will have to clear up the mess at the end of the day doesn't mean they should be shouted at for experimenting with paint and glitter and using their hands as paintbrushes. I like them being messy and exploring with all their senses, get involved, get excited at the active learning they are doing, don't stifle them by shouting...

<and breathe>

Wish I had a good TA...

SaltaKatten Mon 03-Feb-14 23:06:41

My wonderful TA reminds me of all the little things that we get asked to do and I would otherwise forget. She sorts out lots of paperwork and keeps track of lunchmoney, trip money and all other little bits and bobs. She works incredibly hard and it feels like we are a real team.

BronzeHorseman Tue 04-Feb-14 18:34:31

Don't sit down at the back of the class and observe me teaching a whole class input, go and do something useful from the endelss list of jobs that need doing!

Unless OFSTED are in when they hate to see you doing anything that is not with the children!

CoolCadbury Wed 05-Feb-14 19:39:20

Tells me routinely how children are doing/what they are finding difficult/too easy.
Does the everyday jobs without having to be asked.
Speaks assertively to children when needed, never shouting.
Keeps children in check at the carpet but discreetly, without stopping the 'flow'.
Supports in my teaching eg pretends to not understand herself if children are not getting it, gives examples when needed, helps me model what I expect children to do in eg partner talk, (or what not do do).
Has a sense of humour so there is banter between us, and us and the children, ie fun for all of us.
Gives me feedback on my teaching when I ask for it.
Tells me that she enjoyed a particular lesson.

The best TAs are a pleasure to work with. I have been really lucky with mine. smile

jamdonut Mon 24-Feb-14 22:37:39

TAs are supposed to sit next to children who need things re-explaining and ask them questions etc DURING input according to Ofsted ! We all have to be seen to be doing this when teachers are being observed at our school!hmm That's as well as all the other stuff that needs doing and getting organised for our intervention groups ( we need our own PPA really!!!!!!)

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