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Going from PT to FT- am I mad?

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mumnosbest Thu 30-Jan-14 16:18:09

Yes you are mad! I did this and deeply regret it. I am now (and have been for a few years) desperately waiting for a part-time SEN job or any job that isn't mainstream teaching Sorry I know that's not helpful but honest

GW297 Sun 26-Jan-14 21:06:00

Going from pt to ft is hard and a massive adjustment. Definitely get a cleaner and do internet food shopping if you do!

SpecialCircumstances Sun 26-Jan-14 20:02:05

I know, it's such a crying shame. My heart belongs in sen education although I love being part of the wider mainstream community in a school. I might drop in my current job share situation in the interview and see what the reaction is.
Based in north west. I'd love to take my current job share partner with me but shes not keen to move as the location is great for her where we are now.

CharlesRyder Sun 26-Jan-14 19:13:49

Tricky one because I wouldn't teach in mainstream now and would be so sad to see happen what you are describing. However, I (with one DS 3yo) went back to work FT into an SLT role in Sept and was off sick by December. I am now back part time in Resource again grin.

Could you investigate job share in the Resource? Where are you? I'll job share with you!! The other part of my time is currently covered by HLTAs.

SpecialCircumstances Sun 26-Jan-14 16:10:24

I currently teacher 3 days in a week in a school I've worked in for the last 8 years. I teach children with SEN (a whole range) within a mainstream but we're not an 'official' resource base (don't ask). We became an academy in December and what I do doesn't seem to fit the vision for our 'bright new future' so I'm probably going to go back into a normal class in September and my children will be spread throughout the classes. Which is not what they need sad
So I've got an interview the week after next to work in a resource base- the only slight downside is that it's full time. I have one ds aged 2 and DH is supportive and happy to take more on at home. Plus we'll probably get a cleaner. I just feel guilty that I'm putting my 'career' above DS, although he loves nursery. Ok, I know I'm being silly. Oh and I feel guilty that i might end up leaving my class before the end of the school year and who will take them on!

And my second panic is- what do I wear?

Thinking calm thoughts, calm thoughts...

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