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Any Scottish teachers that can shed light on mat pay?

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AmelieRose Fri 24-Jan-14 09:01:11

Thanks Holidays I had suspected as much. Just trying to work out how much I'll get. I'll have to start mat leave before the holidays as my due date is 19th June and the holidays start on 24th June.

holidaysarenice Fri 24-Jan-14 02:36:02

If the question you are asking is do you get both the full pay and then the 6 weeks at 90% I'm afriad the answer is no.

Government minimum is the first 6 weeks at 90percent. Anything ur employers give you in the first six weeks over that is just a bonus. U don't get both.

When is ur actual dd? As you would be off in the summer with pay I assume, then u are better off holding off getting ur mat pay until the last date and getting wages instead.

Corabell Fri 24-Jan-14 02:23:34

13 weeks full pay followed by smp. If you go off in June you'll also get some tax back when you drop to smp.

AmIGoingMad Thu 23-Jan-14 18:49:38

It's so good they allow you to do that! Here we have the same mat leave/ pay as the local council employees but can't do the hols thing. Hope someone's along soon to answer your actual question!blush

AmelieRose Thu 23-Jan-14 18:41:19

Yep I'll get about 20 days back so going to sign back in January but not go back til Feb and have Jan as a month's paid holidays. Fingers crossed the 90% is right as it would make things much easier financially...

AmIGoingMad Thu 23-Jan-14 18:35:23

Not a Scottish teacher but a teacher! I'm not sure about the mat pay but when I was looking into holiday accrual I was told that England and Wales allow you to accrue but it must be taken in hols so means nothing but in Scotland you can take it at the end if your leave like all non teachers tend to do. I'm not certain of the accuracy of the info and know its not what you're asking but it might be worth looking into for more paid time off possibly?

AmelieRose Thu 23-Jan-14 18:30:57

Hoping someone can help with this. I'll be going on mat leave in June, just before the start of the summer holidays.

I know I'll get 13 weeks full pay then 26 weeks statutory maternity pay, but I'm confused about the amount of SMP. Is it simply the statutory amount after 13 weeks of full pay, or 13 weeks full pay, 90% of earnings for 6 weeks, then stat mat pay?

I've been reading up on the EIS and NASUWT websites but both are unclear (or I'm being an idiot!)

Hoping someone can help grin

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