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Refresher course for modern languages

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ranoutofnames Wed 18-Dec-13 20:32:38

Hi, I have a degree in Modern Languages (French and German) and am considering a career move as a teacher. I haven't used my languages in earnest for over 10 years and I would be the first to admit that I am rusty.

Is anyone aware of a course I could take to refresh my languages?


mumandboys123 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:56:48

there are courses, usually at universities, called 'subject knowledge enhancement' courses. As a general rule, you have to have a place on a PGCE or equivalent to be accepted on them. They vary - I did one for 2 weeks a few years ago but there are others that last a lot longer. Some cater for those looking to start from scratch so they can add an additional language to their CV - you might want to look at taking on Spanish to add to the German which would make you very, very employable!

ranoutofnames Thu 19-Dec-13 17:30:21

Thanks for that mumandboys. I did some Spanish a while ago and really enjoyed it. I think I would need longer than 2 weeks refresher though!

I will definitely look into it further.

dueanamechange Tue 21-Jan-14 12:52:39

My DH has just started his NQT year, he did a French/Italian degree about 20 years ago now. He listened to radio podcasts designed for people learning languages, eg. the news but spoken a little slower than normal, and got some exercise books to prepare for the interview, although his subject knowledge was not tested greatly, just a short conversation if I remember, it all came back to him as he did his PGCE.

What I would say is he struggled to get a job as he did not have Spanish, there very few straight French jobs advertised, most were Spanish with French, Italian is not really in demand. He got there in the end but it was stressful, and in his current role he is teaching some Spanish, he is planning on attending an immersion course in Spain, which will hopefully be funded. For about £1,000 I think you could do 2 week immersion course with flight and accommodation included, which is a lot of money, but if you were to spend that on a holiday anyway... (although not exactly a holiday I know).

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