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Parallels between X-factor and my classroom...

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complexnumber Sat 16-Nov-13 16:58:21

Me: Ok, lets get the homework out and look at question 5 b)

Class: Squeals of recognition at their favourite question.

Me: So if 5x+12 = 7x +8, what should be the first step

Class: Passionate claims and counter claims 'Take the x's to the left'..'take the x's to the right' (Some of the girls in the back row are beginning to hug each other) Many boys are shaking in anticipation.

Me: Ok, lets clear the x's from the LHS

Class: Gasps of expectation, then roars of appreciation. Make up is smeared over a lot of the 3rd row girl's eyes.

Me: Now we have a familiar type of equation: 4=2x

Class: More gasps in anticipation...

Me: So the solution to this equation is x=2

Class: Hysterical outbursts of emotion, many students screaming. Boys in row 2 are wiping tears of emotion away from their eyes in the hope that no one will see them. Row 4 girls have asked to see the school nurse.

Me: So... shall we have a look at q 12 a) ?

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